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Foot pressure measurement with the NX pressure plate

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 11.07.2019

Story Check Lanzhammer GmbH in Ottobrunn uses medilogic’s NX pressure plate to measure foot pressure.

  • Foot pressure measurement is carried out as a dynamic gait analysis.
  • Sequences of steps and pressure distribution can be recorded and displayed in detail.
  • The company sends a strong positive signal with the use of this technology.

Lanzhammer GmbH in Ottobrunn, Germany, shows that the use of modern, digital technologies is also worthwhile for small orthopedic footwear technology companies. The dynamic foot pressure measurement is conducted here using the freely configurable NX pressure plate by medilogic.

In addition to shoe modifications, repairs and sales, provision of orthopedic foot orthoses is part of the core competences of Lanzhammer GmbH in Ottobrunn and Munich. Founded in the 1970s by orthotist Rupert Lanzhammer, the company sees itself as a modern service provider for everything concerning the feet and shoes and attaches the greatest importance to individuality and careful work, particularly in orthotic care. Foot pressure measurement therefore plays a special role in the examination of the foot status. Lanzhammer GmbH recently began conducting this with the NX pressure plate by medilogic. “When performing foot pressure measurements with the new plate, dynamics are decisive. Compared with the static blueprint , for example, it provides a very precise image of the load zones and overload zones and also shows the important gait line,” says master orthotist Margit Ehrenreich. The user can record and evaluate sequences of steps using the NX pressure plate. Moreover, the maximum and average pressure distribution can be viewed two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally.
The data is collected using more than 4,000 capacitive sensors per measurement section, which transmit the values via WLAN to the computer. Thanks to the modular design, up to 25 measurement plates can be combined flexibly with each other, for example to form a large measurement area or a long walking route.

Master orthotist Margit Ehrenreich enjoys working with the NX pressure plate.

Sending a strong signal

Another clear advantage is the fact that the results can be analyzed graphically. “Printouts of the dynamic gait pattern with the sequence of steps and the pressure distribution provide the treating physician with valuable information on the current condition of the feet and are useful for the further treatment ,” Margit Ehrenreich explains. Misalignments, such as mild metatarsalgia, can thereby be recognized early and clearly. “Using the sequence of images, the patient can also see exactly where which load is applied from the heel to the toes while walking, which helps them understand their own foot status better.”
At Lanzhammer GmbH, the patients walk over the plate three times with each foot. The entire measurement process is completed within a few minutes. “The handling is simple, and the system works well ,” Margit Ehrenreich confirms.
In conclusion, Lanzhammer GmbH profited in many ways from investing in the NX pressure plate. “The new technology not only enables particularly precise and meaningful dynamic foot pressure measurements, which benefit the patients directly,” Margit Ehrenreich describes. “It also sends a strong signal to the public and underlines our role as a modern, future-oriented company that invests consciously in new, digital technologies.”

Images: Conny Kurz, Bauerfeind

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