Joint pain·Supports

“Overcoming the mental block”

Prevention in general medicine

Joint pain·Supports

Getting active together

Medical supply retailers and recreational sport

Joint pain·Supports

From runners to splints

Partial rupture of the medial collateral ligament


Appropriate stimuli at the right time

Return-to-play following Achilles tendon rupture


“Medical support is incredibly important during handball”

Vesna Hodic, physical therapist


“The support helps patients return to daily activities faster”

GenuTrain after joint replacement

Meniscus tear·Supports

Wrestling with time

Meniscus tear treated with GenuTrain

Orthosis·Sports injuries·Supports

Acute care is crucial

Returning to sports in orthopedics

Knee pain·Orthosis·Sports injuries·Supports

Knee strain in competitive skiing

Swiss-Ski races with Bauerfeind

Back Pain·Orthosis·Supports

“We are giving people what they need”

Prevention for the back

Cruciate ligament rupture·Supports

Surgery is only the first step

Using GenuTrain following cruciate ligament reconstruction

Joint pain·Supports

The ManuTrain being put through its paces

The new generation with strap system in a test laboratory

Back Pain·Supports

Extra time for prevention

Two fields, one tactic

Back Pain·Supports

“The patient’s involvement is extremely important”

Supports in physiotherapy

Back Pain·Orthosis·Supports

“We should trust in our sensory perception”

Back pain treatment