Arthrosis/ Supports

“The support helps patients return to daily activities faster”

GenuTrain after joint replacement

Meniscus tear/ Supports

Wrestling with time

Meniscus tear treated with GenuTrain

Orthosis/ Sports injuries/ Supports

Acute care is crucial

Returning to sports in orthopedics

Knee pain/ Orthosis/ Sports injuries/ Supports

Knee strain in competitive skiing

Swiss-Ski races with Bauerfeind

Back Pain/ Orthosis/ Supports

“We are giving people what they need”

Prevention for the back

Cruciate ligament rupture/ Supports

Surgery is only the first step

Using GenuTrain following cruciate ligament reconstruction

Joint pain/ Supports

The ManuTrain being put through its paces

The new generation with strap system in a test laboratory

Back Pain/ Supports

Extra time for prevention

Two fields, one tactic

Back Pain/ Supports

“The patient’s involvement is extremely important”

Supports in physiotherapy

Back Pain/ Orthosis/ Supports

“We should trust in our sensory perception”

Back pain treatment

News/ Supports

Balancing recovery and activity more efficiently

The next-generation ManuTrain

Back Pain/ Supports

“A true all-rounder for basic therapy”

LumboTrain and LumboTrain Lady in cases of back pain

Prevention/Occupational Safety/ Supports

“We have to use compression for prevention as well”

Elbow protection during work – with EpiTrain and EpiPoint 

Joint pain/ Supports

Four products for stability 

Rapid relief for ankle sprains 

Joint pain/ Supports

Stability is crucial

Study: MalleoTrain in early functional treatment