All information given in this brochure/ publication is up to date at the day of first publishing. The brochure/ publication allows – depending on the information given – an initial overview and suggests some, but not all options of medical diagnosis and treatments to experts only. This brochure does not address patients. Although scientifically based, the brochure by no means claims to be complete or show all existing doctrinal. The entire content of this brochure – also in extracts, no matter how published, and especially concerning diagnostics and forms of treatment (in text, pictures, graphics, images or other material) has to be understood as non-binding support for the therapy to be selected finally by medical doctor, physician or other medical professionals.
The brochure’s intension is not to offer the full range of all medical aspects and latest scientific discussion that should be mandatorily considered before taking actions.
We strongly recommend individual medical advice. If in doubt, please seek additional opinion of medical experts, who we would be delighted to provide.
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