Train supports

Fast pain relief,

Bauerfeind Train-Supports against joint pain

Bauerfeind Train supports have an impressive history of proven effectiveness. Numerous studies* corroborate the high level and many factors of the treatment effects: from rapid pain reduction and effective joint as well as ligament stabilization to an improvement in kinematics.

Find out more about the latest Train supports for the hand, elbow, back, knee, and foot.

*Studien: Bauerfeind AG Studiensammlung 2021

»Train supports are the embodiment of the medical concept of ‘early functional treatment’ after injuries and surgery instead of the usual immobilization. In sports, particularly high-performance sports, they have impressively demonstrated their effect.«

Prof. Dr. med. Heinrich Heß
Orthopedist, former team physician for the German national soccer team (1974-1996)
Inventor of the GenuTrain supports

Train supports

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