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Ratschow Memorial Medal & Doctorate Award Ratschow Memorial Medal & Doctorate Award

Issue 03/2019

Dr. Antje Mark from Bauerfeind, prizewinner Dr. Werner Blättler and Prof. Dr. Eberhard Rabe, Chairman of the Curatorium Angiologiae Internationalis.

At the 61st annual meeting of the German Phlebology Society (DGP), Swiss Dr. med. Werner Blättler from Wädenswil was presented with the Ratschow Memorial Medal. The specialist for internal medicine and vascular medicine was one of the first physicians to engage in outpatient treatment of thrombosis patients in the early 1990s. He also specializes in the research of vein symptoms or sensations, such as pain and swelling, that can occur in healthy people as well as people with vein diseases. The Curatorium Angiologiae Internationalis honored the Swiss researcher with the Ratschow Memorial Medal for his life’s work. Since 1969, this prestigious accolade has been awarded annually to particularly deserving scientists from the field of vascular medicine and related disciplines. Bauerfeind has been a patron of the foundation for many years.

Prizewinners Carolin Mitschang and Irene Joana Döll.

The Bauerfeind Doctorate Award is also traditionally presented at the annual DGP meeting. Two women were honored this year: Carolin Mitschang from the Münster University Hospital , Germany, for her dissertation project “Quality of life in patients with diagnosed saphenous vein insufficiency before and after conducting radio frequency ablation” and Irene Joana Döll from Greifswald University Hospital , Germany, for her dissertation project “Evaluation of acceptance and user satisfaction after teledermatology treatment in the central emergency room of Greifswald University Hospital using the teledermatology system Mobil Skin®”.

Images: Bauerfeind, Thomas Hauss

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