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From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 22.06.2023

In short Bodytronic measurement systems not only allow non-contact recording of physical data but also the export of item, customer, sales, and manufacturing data to industry software specific to medical retailers.

  • Health center “GZL Gesundheitszentrum am Löwen” in Preetz can also use the SaniVision industry software to input Bodytronic data into enterprise resource planning.
  • All Bodytronic customers who have this or another industry software can be connected directly to the Bauerfeind online shop.
  • Measurement data from Bodytronic systems can also be transmitted. Around 90 online shop users have access via the Tradeonline interface.

Non-contact recording of physical measurements has significantly optimized processes for medical supply retailers. Measurement data taken with the Bodytronic are transmitted to their destination without errors or diversions. But item, customer, sales and production data also all have great potential. A visit to the Gesundheitszentrum am Löwen (GZL) health center in Preetz, Schleswig-Holstein, demonstrates how this data can be used. 

Nina Nasner is looking forward to each digital measurement, up to ten, sometimes fifteen times a day. That is how many visitors might come each day to be measured by the medical supply retailer’s branch manager using the Bodytronic 610. This morning, too, GZL Gesundheitszentrum am Löwen is very busy with customers. A pharmacy, doctors’ practices, a health food store, a perfume store, a beauty lounge as well as the large medical supply retailer are united under the roof of the “lion” at Preetz market square. On the second story of the medical supply retailer, in an alcove, the branch manager is standing in front of the body scanner in between comfort shoes and swim suits, separated by privacy screens. “It’s great how the measurement system is also helping us with anatomically challenging cases,” she says. “One example: the standard GenuTrain support didn’t work for an older lady with small lower leg and thigh circumferences but a very wide knee. I asked her to step onto the platform so I could measure her for a made-to-measure product. This process records many more points than with a tape measure. The knee is comprehensively covered, and additional measuring points around the lower leg and thigh are also included. I then send the data to the Bauerfeind online shop at the push of a button, the support arrives at our store – and it fits. No returns needed, that’s amazing.” An appealing system.

Ole Schewelies, expert orthotist at Gesundheits­zentrum am Löwen (GZL).

No data export restrictions

Nina Nasner appreciates the quick and seamless transmission of Bodytronic measurement data for the order process. Equally, Ole Schewelies, expert orthotist, is pleased with the options for sharing Bodytronic data. His data is different, however, and has a different recipient: SaniVision, the industry software which GZL uses for its enterprise resource planning. “When item, customer, sales and other production data is transmitted straight into SaniVision, it represents an elegant method for us to keep our internal processes up-to-date regarding the stock system, customer administration and material management,” says Ole Schewelies. The prerequisite for transferring data at GZL is the interface with Tradeonline. This is a specific adaptation of a general interface provided by Bauerfeind for SaniVision’s Tradeonline order module. All customers who have this industry software can be connected directly to the Bauerfeind online shop. Measurement data from the Bodytronic can also be transmitted this way. At the moment, about 90 online shop users have access to the Tradeonline interface. In addition to SaniVision, there are other major providers in Germany, such as TopM, Acriba, Peadus, eva/3, mmOrthosoft and Brainstorm. Bauerfeind has an individual solution for each industry software application provided by these companies. Usually, they are discussed and configured with the customer when the installation of a Bodytronic measurement system is planned. It also possible to add the interface connection later on.

Item, customer, sales and measurement data as well as STL models or PDF documents can be transmitted directly to a third-party system to optimize internal processes.

Customized program configuration

“As a provider of an open system, we have made it our mission to create as many data interfaces as possible,” says Andreas Körner, Bodytronic expert and software developer at Bauerfeind, describing the expansion ambitions. “But because of the disparate software environment in the market, this is not exactly a walk in the park. We can always find a solution for the data exchange with the system being used by the medical retailer. But this solution may differ in integration depth depending on the system. All users can configure their own data export in their Bodytronic software and subsequently transmit measurement data, STL models or PDF documents to a third-party system. If medical retailers already use industry software, they can request our Customer Service Team to help with setting up the interface.”

A gateway to the multi-faceted world of medical supply retailers

A tour of the “castle”, as Ole Schewelies calls GZL’s premises, where 140 staff are employed by this Bauerfeind Quality Partner, shows what new tasks are waiting for the Bodytronic in the medical supply retailer’s storage rooms. One story below the Bodytronic measurement area, the shelf warehouse and the SaniVision computer can be found on 200 square meters. It includes a total of 40,000 items. And this is where the data from the body scanner needs to be sent. “As soon as our colleague upstairs has finished the measurement, we can record the data in SaniVision,” the expert orthotist explains, who was also instrumental in choosing the two Bodytronic 610 systems at GZL. The other measurement system is located in Heide in the medical center close to Westküstenklinikum hospital. “It would save so much time. The order would still be placed in the Bauerfeind online shop, with the automatic information that it is already recorded in SaniVision.” Ole Schewelies wants to point out something else important: “Bauerfeind is only responsible for delivering the products,” he says with a smile. “But we still have to settle the invoice with the health insurance companies. We use SaniVision for that, too. Hopefully soon using Bodytronic data.” After all, Bauerfeind not only provides solutions for digital measurements but also allows for the integration of different solutions to continuously optimize medical retailers’ business processes.

Images: Stefan Volk

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