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2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

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Bauerfeind played a visible and major role in the medical care and treatment of athletes in Rio de Janeiro, as the company went into action more than 900 times to provide supports, orthopedic foot orthoses, medical compression stockings, and orthopedic orthoses to those who needed them.

Rio marked the fourth time that Bauerfeind has served as a partner for an Olympic organization committee. A total of eight employees from Brazil , Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands spent four weeks helping to treat injured athletes at the medical clinic in the Olympic Village. All in all , nearly 700 of the approximately 11,000 Olympic athletes in Rio used supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings, and orthopedic foot orthoses from Bauerfeind.

A lot of excessive strain, few acute injuries

Whether it was knee orthosis SecuTec Genu or foot orthoses – Bauerfeind products were very much in demand in Rio.
Whether it was knee orthosis SecuTec Genu or foot orthoses – Bauerfeind products were very much in demand in Rio.

The orthotists from Bauerfeind worked hand in hand with staff and physicians from the clinic. After being given a diagnosis from a physician, they selected the right product for the case at hand, determined the proper size (and made adjustments where necessary), and explained to the athlete and any accompanying team personnel how the medical aid worked and how to use it correctly. Four orthotists worked in shifts every day from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Bauerfeind products were needed to treat a large number of problems, including excessive physical strain, recurrences of previous injuries, and acute injuries. The entire spectrum of typical sports injuries were treated: acute muscular problems, strains, fiber tears, lower back injuries, patellar tip syndromes, ankle sprains, irritations of the Achilles tendon, and torn cruciate ligaments.

Bauerfeind products used 900 times

There was a great need among the athletes for supports and orthoses for the knees, ankles, and back. More than half of all knee products were distributed to athletes involved in indoor ball sports (volleyball , handball , basketball), martial arts, and track and field. Most of the supports and orthoses for ankles were used by volleyball players, hockey players, and track and field athletes. Back products were given to athletes from a total of 18 different disciplines. Overall , Bauerfeind products were used more than 900 times at the games, as opposed to around 700 times at the Summer Olympics in London four years ago. It wasn’t just the big countries that benefited from supports and orthoses from Bauerfeind, as athletes from Tonga, Djibouti, Papua New Guinea, and the Seychelles were also treated to Bauerfeind products when they needed them. “We noticed the respect and recognition our products now enjoy in the Olympics environment ,” was the conclusion drawn by several employees in Rio. “Bauerfeind was in demand like never before.”

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