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Throwing injuries in judo players

2nd International Sports Conference, Rio de Janeiro

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Laypeople suspect it , Dr. med. Anke Yacoub confirms it: 90 percent of injuries in judo occur during throws. The orthopedic specialist from Leipzig knows this firsthand: Her son is a judo player.

Uchi Mata, Harai Goshi, Te Guruma – these are the names of the hip throws with which judo players attempt to force their opponents to the mat. There are around forty of them. The lightning-fast throws pack a punch. They are the main cause of fractures, sprains, contusions, and torn ligaments (see ref. 1). Knees, shoulders, and ankles are affected most frequently. But serious injuries are rare, Dr. Yacoub assures. These mainly involve the head and spine (ref. 2).

Prevention through ankle supports

The best prevention in judo is practicing falls. This is part of an athlete’s daily training regimen. Intensive warm-ups and proprioceptive training also help to avoid injuries, Dr. Yacoub says. Supports for stabilizing the ankle are an additional preventive option, the orthopedic specialist adds. Her son was also present in Rio: as an active judo player.

Ref. 1: Safety in sports: Contribution to the 4th Three-Nation Conference for the Prevention of Sports Accidents; Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, September 21–23, 2006, in Bochum.
Ref. 2: Review 2013. Br J Sports Med 2013; 47:1139-1143.

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