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HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series in Dubai

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Story Check As an official supplier and sponsor, Bauerfeind Middle East supplied orthoses and supports to the players of the 2018/19 Rugby Sevens Series in Dubai.

  • In addition to acute injuries commonly found in this full contact discipline, many athletes are also suffering from chronic conditions.
  • Supports and orthoses from virtually all areas of treatment were used, due to the wide range of different injuries.
  • The products were supplied by the nearby Bauerfeind polyclinic located in Dubai Healthcare City.

Rugby is among the world’s disciplines where the most injuries occur. The range of supports and orthoses that Bauerfeind Middle East used to treat the professional players of the recent World Rugby Sevens Series in Dubai was accordingly wide. With its own booth, the company was also available to the visitors of the international mega event.

The matches of the latest World Rugby Sevens Series held in Dubai from November 30 to December 1, 2018 were attended by more than 100,000 spectators. 16 men’s and 12 women’s teams from around the world were fully committed to fighting for every single point at this third out of a total of 13 venues. It goes without saying that the matches were not for the faint of heart. Rugby is a highly demanding full contact sport after all. What is more, the speed of the 7-player variety matches was particularly high, since they are played with seven rather than the usual 15 players on the pitch. Acute injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, dislocated joints, severe ankle sprains with torn ligaments and avulsion fractures, as well as knee injuries including meniscus and ligament tears are an accordingly frequent occurrence. “Previously untreated chronic injuries that lead to problems during the matches also play an important role,” explains Gina Badenhorst , head of the Bauerfeind polyclinic in Dubai Health Care City. “These injuries are mostly due to intense training schedules of players that are determined to take part in prestigious tournaments such as the Rugby Sevens, and who do not allow themselves any time for recreation. We use our Bauerfeind orthoses for these chronic cases and of course also for acute injuries that happen during the matches.”

Treating players and referees

Gina Badenhorst , head of the Bauerfeind polyclinic in Dubai Health Care City.

Gina Badenhorst is part of the Bauerfeind team that provided competent treatment to the professional players in the on-site medical unit , in cooperation with physicians and physiotherapists. After all , Bauerfeind is not just a sponsor of the Rugby Sevens event in Dubai, but has also been the official supplier for supports and orthoses for the past three years. This year, Bauerfeind products from almost all areas of treatment were used: “We frequently provided AchilloTrain foot supports for injuries to the Achilles tendon, GenuTrain P3 knee supports for stress on the patella and thigh, as well as GenuTrain supports in general for a wide range of knee pain issues that occurred due to increased stress on ligaments and muscles,” says Gina Badenhorst. Ankle injuries were treated with MalleoTrain, while MyoTrain supports were prescribed for treating thigh injuries. In addition to this, there were also a few thumb and wrist strains that were treated using RhizoLoc thumb orthoses and ManuTrain wrist supports. Not least OmoTrain supports were used for treating shoulder injuries.
In the past two years, Bauerfeind offered support not only to the players but also to the referees, providing them with the Sports Compression Socks Run & Walk. These medical compression stockings contribute significantly to reducing stress on the calves and resulting cramps. These are an issue that referees are very often affected by, as they always attend several games during a tournament , running great distances on the pitch during these matches. There were also several players who benefited from Sports Compression Socks, as they wore the compression textiles during the competition.

Bauerfeind polyclinic as central supply point

All Bauerfeind products were supplied by the nearby Bauerfeind polyclinic located in Dubai Healthcare City. This institution is registered with the Dubai Health Care Authority (DHCA), and it caters for the fields of podiatry, prosthetics and orthopedics, providing patients with comprehensive orthopedic services based on Bauerfeind’s high-quality products. The clinic is also equipped with a wide range of measuring and milling devices, for producing made-to-measure foot orthoses.

“Many sports injuries are the result of the players’ intense training schedule.”
Gina Badenhorst

However, Bauerfeind’s products were not only available to the professional players during the rugby tournament. Visitors were also granted the opportunity to experience the high degree of functionality and quality of Bauerfeind’s tried and tested solutions up close and personal. “As an official supplier and sponsor, we were also represented with our own booth in the Rugby Village next to the stadium,” explains Dr. Luka Simic, Head of Marketing and Sportsline at Bauerfeind Middle East. “Here, visitors were able to learn about and to try our Bauerfeind Sportsline products among others, and could seek information about treatment options based on medical aids.”

Humphrey Kayange, former captain of the Kenyan Sevens National Rugby Team was provided with initial care for his elbow at the Bauerfeind booth.

Compelling effectiveness

Among the many impressed visitors was also Humphrey Kayange, former captain of the Kenyan Rugby Sevens national team. He visited the Bauerfeind booth to find out about options for reducing his elbow problems that developed during his professional career. For his initial treatment , the 36-year-old was fitted with a Sports Elbow Support on-site. He expressed his full satisfaction with the immediately perceivable effect of the protective pads and the support’s soothing compression effect. “We had a lot of visitors at our booth in the Rugby-Village,” Dr. Luka Simic recapitulates. “The tournament , which receives great international attention, was an excellent opportunity for increasing awareness of our brand.” The professional players that have been treated with Bauerfeind products to date are also more than pleased. “There are many athletes who say that they would not have been able to even finish their competitions without our products,” says Gina Badenhorst. “Meanwhile they also wear their supports and orthoses during training and at other events, because they are wholly convinced of their effectiveness.”

Images: Rugby 7‘s/Mauricio Ramos, Bauerfeind Middle East , private

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