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First certification with Lymphology Seal

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Beate Pohl, Regionalleiterin Berlin, Iken Höntzsch, Regionalleiterin LOS, Sören Heinz, Geschäftsführer ots Schadock GmbH, Uwe Imkamp, mamedicon GmbH (v. l.).

In 2020 the Schadock company with branches in Berlin and Branden­burg was the first medical supply retailer in Germany to receive the manufacturer-independent Lymphology Seal awarded by mamedicon GmbH. Beate Pohl, Regional Manager Berlin, and Iken Höntzsch, Regional Manager Oder-Spree District, both certified lymphology experts, talk about the intention behind the Lymphology Seal and its benefits.

life: Congratulations on receiving the Lymphology Seal. What’s the idea behind this certificate?

Beate Pohl: The Lymphology Seal is based on three pillars. A tested treatment process improves our affected patients’ quality of life. Furthermore, there’s focus on the professional cooperation among healthcare networks, i.e. communication between patients, physicians, medical supply retailers, lymph therapists and pharmacies is a prerequisite. One of the priorities is also to try to get better acceptance from health insurance companies. Patients suffering from lymphatic problems urgently require individual additional garments instead of the approved basic products, which are often inadequate.

You had been committed to excellent service in the treatment of lymphatic patients in your company even before you received the Lymphology Seal. Which requirements have now been added?

Iken Höntzsch: We have developed specific processes for dealing with lymphatic conditions that are in line with the latest medical standards. A patient’s medical history has always been a part of our consultation, for example. But now, we’ve created a standardized medical history form that also takes into account the personal circumstances of our patients, in addition to important information about the condition. We provide our patients with an information folder that contains, for example, a schedule for the supply of their lymphology products, informative literature about complex decongestive therapy (CDT), a plan for a balanced diet, information about their condition with many useful tips and a lymph diary. Our patients can use it to document their daily well-being. Patients take this information folder home and read everything carefully in their own time. This helps patients to keep an overview and make a note of questions that may arise so they can ask us during the next appointment.

What impact do you expect from the certification?

Beate Pohl: For us, the following basic principle has always applied: the patient must always have top priority. Improving quality of life and minimizing the disease burden are of paramount importance. That is why it’s so important that we work in compliance with uniform standards all over Germany to ensure our patients can get the best care. Unfortunately, lymphedema is still often under-diagnosed and underrated. Our patients frequently have to fight for every course of manual lymphatic drainage and the required bandaging. The Lymphology Seal sends out a signal to all those affected: we ensure high-quality care supported by an effective network. Companies need to actually work in compliance with these standards, undergo a multi-stage certification process and renew this during regular audits to receive the Lymphology Seal. Of course, we’re proud that we’re currently the first and only medical supply retailer with the Lymphology Seal. It was a long journey, but it has paid off for our patients who are suffering from lymphatic disorders. 

Image: Jana Posna

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