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Story Check Dr. Jorge Mijares from Mexico City uses the ErgoPad weightflex 2 foot orthosis to treat patients with foot problems.  

  • The main indications here for Dr. Mijares are tarsal bone pain, hallux valgus, and a strong valgus misalignment in patients suffering from gonarthrosis.
  • The orthopedic specialist is very impressed by the quality of the orthosis materials used in ErgoPad weightflex 2, whose
  • key component is a synthetic core coated with polyurethane foam.

Ganz nah dran – im Football-Stadion und an den Füßen seiner Patienten: Orthopäde Dr. Jorge Mijares.

For treating his patients with foot problems, the orthopedic specialist Dr. Jorge Mijares from Mexico has been increasingly using one particular type of foot orthosis. The physician is impressed by the quality and comfort provided by the ErgoPad weightflex 2.

Around the world, physicians and patients all appreciate one thing: a quick solution. Physicians would never make their patients wait for treatment if a comparable aid is available immediately. This is also true for Dr. Mijares, orthopedic foot specialist at one of Mexico’s most prestigious hospitals, the Spanish Hospital in Mexico City. The doctor’s answer to the question why he prescribes the orthopedic orthosis ErgoPad weightflex 2 by Bauerfeind to his patients so frequently, is rather comprehensive: “This type of foot orthoses is hard to find in Mexico,” he explains. “Especially if the material has to meet my requirements in terms of effectiveness and quality. If I am lucky enough to have the solution to the problem right at hand, then I am going to use it , of course.”

A quick solution

So it is a product that allows for quick aid for a “problem” that is rather common among Dr. Mijares’ fellow natives. The effects of a modern lifestyle and way of walking take their toll on Mexicans, too. This commonly leads to degenerative processes on the foot at an early age as well as to foot misalignments. The free rotation and counter-­rotation of the forefoot and hindfoot , known as “spiral dynamics” in the gait pattern, which are the foundation of postural stability and stability under strain, is often severely limited. Orthopedic orthoses are a good choice for remedying these malfunctions and reducing associated pain. They back up the complex longitudinal arch whose support function is at risk, as well as the foot’s transverse arch, and they also provide strain relief for the joints. One example of this is the orthopedic orthosis ErgoPad weightflex 2. An appealing design, flexible materials and a high degree of functionality are among its most outstanding characteristics.

“It gives me a good feeling to be able to offer my patients ErgoPad weightflex 2, which provides quick relief and thus a better quality of life once again.” Dr. Jorge Mijares

Fits into sports as well as business shoes

At the heart of the ErgoPad weightflex 2 there is its synthetic core that is coated with polyurethane foam. The asymmetrical , X-shaped element at the core actively supports the foot’s natural spiral dynamics and it promotes a natural heel-to-toe movement. The foot orthosis has good shock-absorbing properties, despite its low height. It cushions the forefoot and prevents fatigue symptoms. The surface is equipped with proprioceptive spots that stimulate the muscles. ErgoPad weightflex 2 is available in the three density levels soft , medium and strong to allow for support according to the degree of insufficiency of the foot arch structures, the respective therapeutic goal and the user’s body weight. The foot orthosis’ special feature: thanks to its flat design and narrow shape, it also fits into shoes you would not expect to have room for a foot orthosis, such as everyday or business shoes. Dr. Mijares describes an interesting observation: “I also use the ErgoPad weightflex 2 to treat athletes. These patients are surprised to find that the foot orthosis does not only fit into their special sports shoes, but also into their everyday footwear. They expect to be able to use the product in their trainers, but they don’t expect to be able to just take it out and keep using it in their regular shoes.”

Adjustable to suit different heel heights

The weightflex core supports feet in three versions: soft , medium, and strong. This foot orthosis can also be adapted to suit a variety of heel heights.
The weightflex core supports feet in three versions: soft , medium, and strong. This foot orthosis can also be adapted to suit a variety of heel heights.

The ErgoPad weightflex 2 is not only suitable for a wide range of uses, the foot orthosis is also very flexible when it comes to treating different types of symptoms. Dr. Mijares lists three of the main indications: “I often and successfully prescribe them to patients suffering from painful foot problems. Next up are hallux valgus patients and less frequently I prescribe them to patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, who are suffering from severe pain owing to a strong valgus misalignment.” The physician explains that for these conditions, pain during longer periods of walking can be reduced to a rather tolerable degree with the ErgoPad weightflex 2. Dr. Mijares generally considers pain reduction to be the central task of the foot orthosis. There is another outstanding aspect: in the forefoot and heel area, the core can be slightly bent – much like a hinge joint. This adaptability to different heel heights makes the foot orthosis ideal for women who appreciate the combination of effectiveness and wearing comfort. It is well-suited for changing shoes frequently, thanks to its extra low and flexible design. All groups of patients value the comfort and effectiveness of ErgoPad weightflex 2: “I ask the patients that I have supplied with the foot orthosis to give me feedback after one month,” the physician says. “All of those who did get in touch were very satisfied.”

Trouble-free reimbursement

Just like his satisfied patients at the Spanish Hospital , which was founded as a charitable institution by Spain’s first consul general in Mexico in 1842, Dr. Mijares is impressed with the comprehensive services around ErgoPad weightflex 2. “Things started with an eye-opening visit from Bauerfeind to the hospital ,” the orthopedic specialist explains. “This is how I became aware of the foot orthosis in the first place,” he admits. “I was impressed by the quality of the material right away. A new world of foot orthoses that is much better than many of the other products available in Mexico.” Not all of Dr. Mijares’ patients are benefiting from insurance cover for the associated costs. “But in the cases I am aware of, I have never heard about any problems regarding the reimbursement ,” the doctor points out. It is not surprising that his assessment of ErgoPad weightflex 2 is all around positive: “It feels good to be able to offer quick help to my patients and to improve their quality of life.”

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