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The comfortable VenoTrain soft S compression stocking  

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 17.06.2021

Story Check For people who have to sit or stand a lot, the Bauerfeind VenoTrain soft S is the perfect compression stocking. This stocking model features a generously sized heel and less knitted fabric in the instep area.

  • The effect: there is no creasing in the instep area when the foot is in the typical 90-degree position. Additionally, the wide heel makes donning easier and provides room for stretching during sitting or standing.
  • The properties of the VenoTrain soft S have also convinced expert orthotist Patrizia Lorenz.
  • “The stocking offers exceptional comfort,” says Patrizia Lorenz, Managing Director at “Lymph & VenenZentrum” with branches in Elsenfeld and Bürgstadt in Lower Franconia, Germany.

Those who sit a lot can provide their strained legs with relief using compression stockings: a comfortable instep area and a generously sized heel prevent creasing when legs are angled. Expert orthotist Patrizia Lorenz always recommends the VenoTrain soft S to her customers.

Expert orthotist Patrizia Lorenz knows all about the strain legs are subjected to during sedentary activities. That is why she recommends that even younger customers wear compression stockings to provide relief, and not just since more people have been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When both stocking models are lying next to each other, the customer is quickly convinced. It is easy to see that the heel area of the VenoTrain soft S offers more room. And this is why: “The material is reduced in the instep area and added to the heel,” expert orthotist Patrizia Lorenz explains and points out two advantages of this design: “The additional heel space also makes it easier to put on the stocking, and there is less creasing in the instep area during sitting.” And it is these creases that can exert pressure, constrict the skin and cause pain if the foot is at a 90-degree angle for a long time.
The owner of “Lymph & VenenZentrum” employs nine staff members in two branches in Bürgstadt and Elsenfeld in Lower Franconia. Her 25-year-old son, Jonas, also got his master’s certificate to be an orthotist and is part of the team. Patrizia Lorenz has always appreciated Bauerfeind products, “but the VenoTrain soft S is unique,” she admits. This young customer who has been working from home for months because of COVID-19 is also beginning to realize this. The consequence: swollen legs, the first signs of weak veins. He was told on the phone to schedule at least 30 minutes for his visit to “Lymph & VenenZentrum”. That is because accurate measurements and a comprehensive consultation are important to Patrizia Lorenz. The 50-year-old examines and questions new customers particularly thoroughly – anatomy, medical history, symptoms, occupation, everyday activities – everything is relevant. Physicians only prescribe lower leg or thigh compression products and the compression class. Additional decisions, such as model, size, open or closed toe and much more are made by the specialist in consultation with the patient. 

Accurate measurement of the legs – here digitally with the Bodytronic 610 measurement system – is the foundation for the perfect fit.

Quick measurement and order process

Thanks to Bauerfeind’s digital Bodytronic 610 measurement system, measurements can be taken in less than a minute – completely without physical contact. For this, the customer stands on the measurement platform with bare feet and wearing shorts. It rotates around its own axis in a mere 50 seconds and displays the measurement results shortly after on the screen: there is hardly any deviation from the norm. The system recommends a standard stocking, a custom-made solution is not required. After selecting the type of stocking and the compression class and clarifying final details, the order is sent to Bauerfeind’s online shop in Zeulenroda, simply at the click of the mouse button. 

Convenient solutions: donning aids and gloves

Two days later during the follow-up appointment, the customer practices putting on the compression stocking correctly. Those who are flexible can turn the stocking inside out, insert their fist and, with a little bit of effort, put it on their foot and pull it up over the lower leg. In addition, Bauerfeind offers a convenient donning aid: the patient’s foot is guided to easily slide into the aid. Then the stocking is pulled over and can spread out over the leg without much effort. Afterwards, the donning aid can be pulled out of the stocking by its long end. Patrizia Lorenz recommends what she calls modeling gloves that are used to smooth out the material on the legs to ensure the VenoTrain soft S fits completely snugly. “That helps to get rid of even tiny creases,” she explains. The customer and the expert examine the result with satisfaction: There are no creases in the instep area even during sitting with angled lower legs. Patrizia Lorenz suggests that the customer should visit his physician again in about six months: “Depending on usage, the medical effectiveness is no longer fully guaranteed after this time.” Before that, however, Patrizia asks her new customer to return for a follow-up appointment in about two weeks to check on fit and correct use. She is quite deliberate about investing time in professional consultation. That means customers will keep coming back. And they will stick with their product.

The generously sized heel area of the VenoTrain soft S provides the angled foot with additional room.
Putting on the compression stocking must be practiced – but is very easy with the VenoTrain glider donning aid.
The VenoTrain soft S has been designed to be worn during sitting and prevents creasing in the instep area.

VenoTrain soft S: increased comfort for the feet during sitting

Bauerfeind’s VenoTrain soft S compression stocking has been specifically designed for a constant seated posture: its generously sized heel area provides an angled foot with sufficient room. At the same time, the stocking features less knitted fabric on the instep to avoid creasing in the typical 90-degree foot position when sitting – this prevents pressure points and constriction. The VenoTrain soft S can withstand plenty of wear and can also easily be put on by nursing staff. It also stimulates circulation by gently massaging the skin. Thanks to its firmer, yet breathable and smooth knitted fabric, the robust stocking is recommended especially for soft tissue with a tendency for edema formation and for sensitive skin. 

Images: Bauerfeind, Rainer Kraus

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