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VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft

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Wearing medical compression stockings can significantly reduce pregnancy-related symptoms such as leg swelling, ankle edema and the formation of spider veins. The defined pressure profile of the stockings improves the flow of blood through the veins and relieves the venous system.

As a general preventative measure, experts recommend prescribing compression class (Ccl) 1 to be worn from the 12th week of pregnancy at the latest. Depending on the symptoms, Ccl 2 may also be appropriate.
For pregnant women, Bauerfeind offers VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft as a knee or thigh-high stocking or as maternity pantyhose, with VenoTrain soft available only as a custom-made product. The maternity pantyhose feature an elastic panty area without compression, which stretches as the pregnancy progresses.

VenoTrain micro: soft , versatile, comfortable

The extra-smooth VenoTrain micro compression stocking has a microfiber content of over 50 percent , making it particularly soft and skin-friendly. Thanks to the wide range of color options – with two further batik options even for maternity pantyhose – wearers are sure to find a color that suits their style. The comfort sole has specific pressure relief zones along the heel and the ball of the foot. Elastic expansion zones in the middle of the sole ensure more stability in this area.

VenoTrain soft: with massage effect

Compared to VenoTrain micro, VenoTrain soft is a somewhat more robust stocking that can cope with more demanding wear – while remaining comfortably soft and kind to the skin. The fine knit is specially designed to gently massage the skin and stimulate circulation – so pregnant women can even treat their legs to a massage. The opaque stocking is available in five colors and in many different styles.

Prescription information

In Germany, medical compression stockings can be prescribed under statutory health insurance for the relevant indications. The products are exempt from budgetary constraints and prescription benchmarks. To increase compliance and treatment success, stockings in Ccl 1 may also be prescribed and charged based on individual patient needs, according to the latest guidelines from the German Society of Phlebology.

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