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From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.03.2017

VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft are now each available in two attractive fashion colors. With these two compression stockings, Bauerfeind provides reliable therapeutic aids for mild to moderate vein problems.

The annual release of VenoTrain micro in fashion colors that change every year has long proved immensely popular among medical supply retailers. This is because it is often much easier to convince customers to comply with compression therapy once they realize that compression stockings don’t necessarily resemble medical products, but can actually look extremely fashionable. As confirmed by numerous medical retailers, trendy colors help with this.

Two lots of two fashion colors

Instead of making VenoTrain micro available in four different fashion colors that vary each year, in February 2017 Bauerfeind switched to releasing two fashion colors for VenoTrain micro and two for VenoTrain soft. This year, Bauerfeind’s most popular compression stocking, VenoTrain micro, is available in the trendy shades of Salmon and Vanilla in addition to its nine standard colors. The fashion color editions of the micro stockings are, of course, also available in the Tango double-stripe pattern, the Jive striped cable-knit design or with a navy blue or black batik effect. Besides its five existing standard colors, in 2017 VenoTrain soft is available in the current fashion colors of Bordeaux and Anthracite.

VenoTrain micro – the versatile, feel-good stocking

Both of Bauerfeind’s classic stockings are suitable for standard phlebological cases in which patients require mild to moderate compression. The extra-smooth VenoTrain micro has a microfiber content of over 50 percent , making it particularly soft and gentle on the skin. The high-quality material content regulates heat for improved wearing comfort by transporting moisture away, allowing air to circulate to the skin and preventing any unpleasant build-up of heat. VenoTrain micro compression stockings look good and feel great. The fashionable stocking sits perfectly on the leg without creasing. The comfort sole has specific pressure relief zones along the heel and the ball of the foot. Elastic expansion zones in the middle of the sole ensure more stability in this area. The pantyhose in particular helps create an attractive and shapely silhouette. VenoTrain micro is designed for wearers with firmer connective tissue. The stocking’s smooth, highly elastic knitted fabric stimulates circulation and relieves stress on the veins in cases of mild vein problems, including spider veins and varicose veins, in compression classes 1 and 2. VenoTrain micro is ideally suited for business and travel , as well as for preventive care and during pregnancy.

VenoTrain soft – the gentle stocking with a massage effect

VenoTrain soft also has a proven medical effect and is a versatile and reliable unisex compression stocking. Thanks to its long-lasting knit fabric, this robust stocking can withstand plenty of wear, yet is comfortably soft and gentle on the skin. It is particularly suitable for people with softer connective tissue and lends soothing support. VenoTrain soft provides everyday comfort for wearers with weak veins with or without clinical symptoms (e.g. heaviness, tension, tendency to edema) or with superficial vein thrombosis. It can also be worn after venous surgery. The fine knit is specially designed to gently massage and revitalize the skin, while stimulating circulation. Its timelessly classic opaque design makes it highly versatile. A further benefit is that VenoTrain soft is fantastic at concealing small flaws on the legs. The stocking is available in compression classes 1 and 2 in many different styles.

Further information

Bauerfeind can supply attractive POS materials for the new 2017 fashion colors. Please speak to your responsible field sales representative or email us at if you have any questions.

Images: Bauerfeind

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