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VenoTrain cocoon

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.10.2017

Dry, scaly, or even itchy skin is a problem for many vein patients. Now, with the VenoTrain cocoon, Bauerfeind has launched a medical compression stocking with an integrated care complex. This helps to improve the function of the skin barrier over the long term and increase patient compliance. The VenoTrain cocoon will be sold internationally from early 2018.

Patients with progressive venous insufficiency often experience changes to their skin as a result of the disturbance to the venous return flow. The skin appears dry and rough, and may be accompanied by flaking and itchiness. Its dried-out appearance is due to an increase in water vapor permeability in the upper layer of the skin (stratum corneum), which causes the skin to become rougher. Compression therapy may exacerbate these effects or make them more noticeable. For instance, a patient survey conducted in the Vein Center at Ruhr University Bochum showed that 59 percent of compression stocking wearers suffer from dry skin, and 33 percent experienced itchy skin as a result of wearing compression stockings.1 These side effects are not just extremely uncomfortable for the patients, but also represent a serious risk to patient compliance.

One stocking, two effects: VenoTrain cocoon

Der VenoTrain cocoon ist in den Farben Silk, Red, Blue und Black erhältlich. Für hohen Tragekomfort sorgt auch das breite Abschlussbündchen.
Der VenoTrain cocoon ist in den Farben Silk, Red, Blue und Black erhältlich. Für hohen Tragekomfort sorgt auch das breite Abschlussbündchen.

Careful skincare is especially important for vein patients in order to improve the barrier function of the skin. The VenoTrain cocoon, the latest product innovation from Bauerfeind, offers not just reliable class 2 compression but also a much easier way for compression stocking wearers to care for their skin: A lipophilic care complex, which is integrated in the stocking, has a continuous effect while it is being worn, gradually improving the condition of the top layer of skin.

New mix of natural fibers

A fiber that has been newly developed for compression textiles, consisting of cotton and cellulose, is used for the knitted fabric. Cellulose is a natural material with a matrix-like structure and natural cavities that store the skincare substances very well. This natural storage ability is used to load the cellulose portion of the fibers with a clinically tested care complex. The fiber rests on the inside of the stocking, ensuring maximum contact with the skin and continuously transmitting the fat-soluble care substances to the skin for the entire wearing time (usually six months). The care complex has a repairing effect , as it restores the protective barrier of the corneal layer (stratum corneum).
The care ensures that the balance of the skin’s natural moisture content is maintained and the skin is protected against scaliness and itching.

Wash tests passed with flying colors

The VenoTrain cocoon naturally had to undergo extensive testing before it could be launched. An observational study was conducted during the course of the development phase – you can read more about the test patients’ experiences on page 26. The development team paid special attention to the long-lasting care effect of the compression stocking through the continuous delivery of the lipid complex. The concentration of this complex in the fibers was determined by the Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research. In a functional material test , Bauerfeind showed that after 180 washes – which corresponds to the total number of daily washes for a wear time of six months – 70 percent of the care substances still remained in the special fibers. The VenoTrain cocoon gives patients not just the required therapeutic compression to Bauerfeind’s usual high quality standards, but also an effective way of caring for their skin.

VenoTrain cocoon

The opaque compression stocking VenoTrain cocoon stimulates circulation and relieves stress on the veins in cases of mild and moderate symptoms, such as spider veins or varicose veins. It is available as a knee-high stocking in compression class 2. The stocking is comfortable to wear thanks to the integrated skincare. VenoTrain cocoon is free of preservatives, perfume-free, and tested in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 as a guarantee of its safety.

Innovative fiber structure

Further information

Request the white paper containing selected study results on the VenoTrain cocoon and the patient brochure for the product by calling the following service number: 0800-001 05 10. Enquirers from Switzerland dial +41 (0) 56 485 82 42, enquirers from Austria +43 (0) 800 44 30 130.

1 Int Angiol. 2009 Oct; 28(5):385–93. Quality of life and patients’ view of compression therapy. Reich-Schupke S., Murmann F., Altmeyer P., Stücker M., Source Department of Dermatology, Ruhr University Bochum, Bochum, Germany, PMID: 19935593.

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