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“Modern measurement technology 
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Vein screening with Bodytronic 200

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.10.2016

Wireless light reflection rheography system Bodytronic 200 enables the signs of vein problems to be detected early. At its Zug store, Swiss company Orthopädie Schärer AG mainly uses the screening tool from Bauerfeind at events – and it is very popular.

The earlier vein function changes are detected, the more easily suitable treatment steps can be set in motion to prevent severe illnesses and complications. Light reflection rheography (LRR) is a simple method for detecting the early signs of a vein function disorder that is entirely pain and side-effect free. Bodytronic 200 is the first wireless LRR measuring system based on the latest Bluetooth technology. It uses infrared sensors positioned above the inside of the ankle to measure how quickly the veins refill with blood after it has been pumped out by means of a specific movement sequence (see box).

Simple vein check

Adrian Vogel , store manager of Orthopädie Schärer in Zug.
Adrian Vogel , store manager of Orthopädie Schärer in Zug.

“Very simple, very quick, very patient friendly,” says Adrian Vogel , store manager of Orthopädie Schärer in Zug, summing up Bodytronic 200. The orthotist and his colleagues primarily use the system at events, whether they are external healthcare trade fairs and days or the vein days put on within the company every six months. “People love to take the opportunity to have a simple vein check. And, especially right after events like these, people are always coming into the store asking specifically for this check,” says Vogel. “Of course, they are mainly women.” Women not only suffer from vein problems more frequently, but they are also generally more open when it comes to health issues. “Unfortunately, men often only come when the problems are serious.”

The physician is responsible for the diagnosis

The orthotist knows the relieved expression on the faces of customers who receive good measurement results well – and the many questions of those with results that indicate vein problems. “To the latter, we recommend that they visit their physician and have their vein function checked.” Because, one thing is very important to Adrian Vogel: “We do not make diagnoses with Bodytronic 200. That is and remains a job for the physician!” However, Orthopädie Scherer in Zug does provide useful tips for customers. “For example, when I see signs of a mild vein weakness, I show the customer movement exercises.” And how do the physicians react when the team sends customers to them for further investigation? “They respond positively overall , because detecting vein problems early has a beneficial effect on the progression of the disorder, provided that the patient receives suitable treatment ,” says Vogel.

State-of-the-art technology attracts an audience

For the Bodytronic 200 measurement , the patient activates the calf muscle pump.
For the Bodytronic 200 measurement , …
For the Bodytronic 200 measurement , the patient activates the calf muscle pump.
… the patient activates the calf muscle pump.

“Bodytronic 200 is a good opportunity for us to reach out to potential new customers at external events and present ourselves as an innovative company to existing customers,” says the store manager enthusiastically. “Modern measurement technology is a crowd puller – pure and simple. It not only makes our work easier, but also highlights our expertise.” He demonstrates how fixated customers are on technology by describing the following situation with a grin: Two years ago, Bodytronic 600 for measuring for compression stockings was introduced alongside LRR measurement system Bodytronic 200 in Zug. Right at the start , the technology went on strike one day and the measuring process did not work as it was supposed to. When Adrian Vogel told the customer that he would now take the measurements by hand, she said: “No, no, I’ll come back when the machine is working again…” The orthotist thinks that Bodytronic 200 and 600 are a perfect pair. For him, the fact that both measurement systems run using the same operating software and platform is a big advantage. For example, this means that patient data only need to be entered in the system once, and measurement data and the products supplied can be summarized and archived clearly. As Vogel says with certainty: “With Bodytronic 200 and 600, we offer our customers real added value.”

Pictures: Patrick Seeger

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