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Hungary Men’s National Handball Team Standing their ground

Issue 03/2018

The team physician of the Hungarian National Handball Team prescribes TRIactive foot orthoses to his players – for more foot and ankle stability.

Dr. Erdélyi Gábor, team physician for the Hungarian Men’s National Handball Team.
Dr. Erdélyi Gábor, team physician for the Hungarian Men’s National Handball Team.

Tough duels, sudden physical contact with the opponent , and constant strain on one leg when throwing – handball is an activity that’s not just harsh on the bones: “It’s a proper full-contact sport with frequent collisions. That’s why typical injuries include overstretched ankle ligaments and injuries in the shoulder and wrist. Furthermore, there are chronic complaints such as stress symptoms in the metatarsal bones, instabilities in the ankle and knee, intervertebral disk damage, and symptoms caused by excessive strain on the throwing shoulder,” according to Dr. Erdélyi Gábor. This orthopedist and trauma surgeon has been looking after the Hungary Men’s National Handball Team for 19 years. As the team physician, he is not only responsible for the general state of his players’ health. He also organizes strengthening exercises and training sessions, and recommends treatment options and medical aids in case of an injury. “Of course, I go to every match so I can treat my players right away if someone gets injured.”

Improved body awareness

To provide medical support , Dr. Erdélyi Gábor has been using Bauerfeind products for about eight years. He particularly likes the TRIactive play foot orthosis. “It is an outstanding quality product ,” says Dr. Erdélyi Gábor. “These foot orthoses increase stability in the feet and ankles. They absorb and reduce the extreme forces that are applied to the foot , therefore preventing injuries. The foot orthoses provide significantly increased comfort and statics to the players.” The mode of action of TRIactive foot orthoses is based on the vertical arrangement of materials with varying firmness and their non-irritating connections (PowerWave Technology). The white, firm material guides the heel at the start of the heel-to-toe movement and stabilizes the toe area during quick changes in direction. The dark blue material supports the foot arches and prevents the foot from sinking down too far, thus ensuring that valuable energy is not lost. The light blue, soft material absorbs shocks and provides precision-perfect relief. The team also has positive feedback. “The players confirm that the foot orthoses are very comfortable to wear. Even if they can’t always pinpoint the effect , they generally have better body awareness,” reports the team physician.

A tailored fit for the foot and shoe

The athletes get their TRIactive foot orthoses from LBT Inno kft., the Hungarian Bauerfeind distributor in Budapest. “We have been working with Dr. Erdélyi Gábor for over 15 years. We are so pleased to be able to support the Hungarian National Handball Team in this way,” says Anikó Klausz, Chief of Communication at LBT Inno kft. “The TRIactive foot orthoses are not only requested by the handball team but also by athletes from other disciplines and by people who simply enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. That is why Bauerfeind foot orthoses are among our top products which we are selling with an increasing trend.”

“The foot orthoses are shaped and ground in such a way that they fit the foot and shoe precisely.”Anikó Klausz

Foot pressure measurement for an orthosis fitting.
Foot pressure measurement for an orthosis fitting.

The Bauerfeind distributor is not only responsible for sales but also for the customer-specific adjustment of the TRIactive foot orthoses. “Our orthotists carry out foot pressure measurements to determine the status of the feet. Based on the results, a customized foot orthosis is produced and adapted specifically to the customer’s shoes,” Anikó Klausz explains.
“The foot orthoses are shaped and ground in such a way that they fit the foot and shoe precisely.” After a short usage period, the experts carry out measurements to check that the TRIactive foot orthoses are working perfectly. Dr. Erdélyi Gábor is very happy with the result. “Good medical support and the use of orthopedic aids contribute to the players’ physical fitness. So we know they are strong and we can send them to compete,” is his conclusion. “The players are well equipped and fit for the next challenges – whether for the 2019 World Championships in Germany and Denmark or preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.


Bilder: Aniko Kovacs/Hungarian Handball Federation, privat , LBT Inno kft., Bauerfeind

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