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Story Check Nathan Vanderkuip is a physiotherapist in Vancouver. He recommends that his patients wear Train supports during hiking and cycling as well, if required.

  • Train supports help patients maintain an active lifestyle.
  • The physiotherapist has observed excellent compliance with the GenuTrain and MalleoTrain active supports.
  • In Canada, patients can get supports directly from physiotherapists.

Right on your doorstep: the Pacific – behind the house: the Coast Mountains Nathan Vanderkuip, physiotherapist from Vancouver, enjoys letting his patients train in the fresh air – and recommends taking along a valuable companion.

Nathan Vanderkuip, physiotherapist , North Vancouver, Canada.
Nathan Vanderkuip, physiotherapist , North Vancouver, Canada.

This sporty guy knows the most popular mountain bike trails in the world. At home, too, Nathan Vanderkuip, who works as a physiotherapist at the Pivotal Health Centre in North Vancouver, has so many opportunities to follow his passions. Much like his neighbors: “Most of us go hiking, running, cycling… several times per week,” as Nathan describes the leisure activities of this outdoor community on Canada’s Northwest Coast. “The active lifestyle is part of our identity. We breathe it every day.”

Active, healthy, happy

An injury obviously affects these people at the core of their very being. “My task is to quickly get them active, healthy and happy again,” is what this physiotherapist sees as his duty. Nathan, who has a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and has looked after many Canadian Olympic athletes, relies on the effectiveness of Train supports when treating sports injuries and damage from excessive strain. Because they are quick and easy to put on, these medical aids are the perfect companion on a bike or run. During movement , they accelerate self-healing.

Beneficial compression and proprioceptive effects

The GenuTrain knee support and MalleoTrain ankle support , in particular, are of great help to Nathan and his patients. “They help us reach our most important goal – staying active. Gentle compression in connection with the proprioceptive properties of the supports allow patients to get back quickly to their usual , active lifestyle.” Nathan is pleased to report that , because GenuTrain and MalleoTrain are so comfortable to wear, compliance is absolutely no issue for his patients.

 An active community: Physiotherapist , patient , and Train support.
An active community: Physiotherapist , patient , and Train support.

A support as a natural part of the equipment

“I have many patients who go hiking on the Grouse Grind with their Train supports or cycle the Whistler Fondo,” says Nathan, naming two events that represent the beauty of nature right outside his front door. The Grouse Grind is also described as the “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster.” It leads to the Grouse Mountain via spectacular rock cascades. The Whistler Fondo is a huge cycling event that attracts hundreds of enthusiasts every year. And where does the equipment come from that is needed to stabilize knees and ankles? From Bauerfeind in Thuringia, Germany. The medical aid manufacturer sells its products in Canada via the local distributor – Galien in Laval , Quebec. The Pivotal Health Center has been working closely with this distributor for many years now. “Patients can be prescribed supports by us physiotherapists,” explains Nathan. “They can then get them from a partner organization. Usually, private insurance bears the cost.”

Images: Farah Nosh

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