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L. Kyritsis Orthopedics, Greece

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 22.06.2023

Thinking of Greece will quickly conjure up images of athletes in ancient times. From there, it is not a great leap to medical products. With the goal of always providing its customers with the best possible treatment solutions, L. Kyritsis Orthopedics medical supply retailer in Athens has been relying on quality, supplied by Bauerfeind among others, for three decades. This is apparent from the store design as well. 

L. Kyritsis Orthopedics’ redesigned branch at 202 Kifisias Boulevard in Chalandri, a suburb of Athens, looks bright and inviting. The floor-to-ceiling glass façade offers passers-by a view of the inside of the store and therefore of the comprehensive range of medical aids and orthopedic shoes. The company presents the range of products on offer attractively and neatly positioned as well as perfectly highlighted even later on in the day, thanks to a clever lighting concept. And prominently in the window display, L. Kyritsis Orthopedics showcases a wide range of Bauerfeind medical products – from supports and braces for different joints as well as foot orthoses to compression stockings. And there is a reason for that: “This branch has a great location in a shopping area. Brands and primarily quality really matter to customers. And that’s a requirement we want to meet,” says Vasilios L. Kyritsis, Managing Director. Looking in both directions along the six-lane boulevard that connects the suburb of Chalandri in the north of Athens with the center of the Greek capital city confirms his description: there are numerous furniture and furnishing stores in the area.

Chalandri, suburb of Athens: location of the redesigned L. Kyritsis Orthopedics branch.

From a one-man-operation to a chain store company

In addition to the branch in Chalandri,
L. Kyritsis Orthopedics has four other branches in the urban area of Athens.
Vasilios L. Kyritsis is now the third generation to manage the family-run business that started in 1960 when his grandfather – in charge of orthopedics at Marinopoulos Pharmacy – began producing wooden sandals and selling them to other pharmacies. “With his expertise and plenty of entrepreneurial spirit, he developed and marketed the first elastic hip strap with Velcro fastening on the Greek market. 

Demand was so overwhelming that he set up on his own in 1967. He opened up his first store that also included production facilities where he manufactured high-quality orthopedic products,” explains Vasilios L. Kyritsis. When his father Lazaros took over the company in 1974, he expanded the range by setting up partnerships with international manufacturers to complement the portfolio with braces, prostheses, and products for children with disabilities. “His main priority has always been to provide his customers with high-quality products. Over the years, this has become embedded in our customers’ perception and is the foundation of our excellent reputation,” says Vasilios L. Kyritsis quite proudly. Today, it is his task to lead the company, which now employs 40 staff, into a continuing successful future. He explains: “We specialize in orthopedic aids and exclusively represent the leading manufacturers in this sector. Even if the product range has changed over the years, the philosophy of L. Kyritsis Orthopedics has remained the same: we stand for quality, innovative design, partnerships with added value, and excellent customer service.”

“We stand for quality, innovative design,
partnerships with added value and excellent customer service.”

Geschäftsführer Vasilios L. Kyritsis

Sophisticated treatment solutions

L. Kyritsis Orthopedics has its own workshop, which means that products can be adjusted, and custom-made solutions can be created. The employees have comprehensive expertise and can provide advice during the sales process and beyond. The customers’ well-being is at the heart of everything. Vasilios L. Kyritsis elaborates: “We want to be a valuable player in the healthcare sector, for our customers but also for other agents in this field. When it comes to high-quality products, we have the vision – also because of a lack of alternatives produced in Greece – to be the preferred partner for international businesses that want to gain a foothold in Greece or want to expand operations.” Up to 5,000 customer contacts per month and excellent cooperation with physicians and other medical professions confirm Vasilios L. Kyritsis’ aspiration. In a healthcare system like the one in Greece, where physicians merely enter the medical aid category on a prescription, and statutory health insurance funds cover only part of the costs, he relies less on the lowest price but all the more on qualified consultation and quality. “That’s what we’re known and appreciated for. And that’s why Bauerfeind and its high-quality products fit perfectly into our portfolio,” says Kyritsis, mainly referring to Train supports but also braces and foot orthoses from Zeulenroda. “Bauerfeind products are always our first recommendation to our customers. They have the desired effect and are easy to use. That’s beneficial for patients and for us, too. After all, happy customers will keep coming back to L. Kyritsis Orthopedics.”

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