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Story Check For the eighth generation of the GenuTrain knee support, the three main components have been optimized.

  • The anatomically shaped high-low knitted fabric features a raised texture that improves the secure fit and effect of the support.
  • The viscoelastic material of the Omega+ Pad now incorporates flexible massage nubs made of firmer material in the Hoffa spots and meniscus wings for improved stimulation.
  • New stays made of sturdy, durable plastic with a patented flexible bending zone follow the movement patterns of the wearer.

Three elements come together to ensure the effectiveness of GenuTrain. The eighth generation of the knee support demonstrates its systematic enhancement.

In 1981, GenuTrain revolutionized the market. It offered a knitted fabric design for early functional treatment with orthopedic supports consisting of three elements: knitted fabric with medically active compression, a pressure-distributing viscoelastic pad around the kneecap and two lateral stays for stability. The new generation of GenuTrain shows how these three elements can be systematically refined: for more stability, less pain and optimal comfort.

New knitted fabric with improved fit

Soft , breathable comfort zone in the hollow of the knee.

The new GenuTrain’s anatomically designed high-low knitted fabric features a raised texture with a clearly visible and palpable checkered pattern. The highly structured surface expands the support’s area of contact. Directly in contact with the skin, it adheres better than a smooth, level surface. This helps the GenuTrain hold more securely during movement. A better fit increases the support’s comfort during wear, as well as its pain-relieving and stabilizing effect. The pressure exerted on the contact surface reduces local pain perception through overlaying stimuli. Intermittent compression massage during movement leads to improved blood flow in the tissue and accelerates the reduction of painful effusions and swelling. Mechanical stimuli on the skin triggered by the interplay of pressure and stretching activate the proprioceptors of the knee. This leads to improved control of the joint-stabilizing muscles and a better gait.
The knit is different at the back of the knee. It is softer and more breathable due to wide interstices between the stitches. This offers more comfort when bending and stretching, offsets the heavier production of sweat and prevents irritation in this sensitive area.

Movable massage nubs in the meniscus wings and the Hoffa spots provides new stimuli.

New Omega+ Pad
with second component

The viscoelastic pad also massages the area during movement by directing pressure from the kneecap to the surrounding tissue. This targeted stimulation of the Hoffa’s fat pad and the meniscus base in the inner and outer joint cavity has been patented since the seventh generation. The two Hoffa spots on the lower edge of the metatarsal pad and the lateral meniscus wings improve the pain-relieving and proprioceptive effects of the support. They are shaped like the letter omega, giving the pad its name. For the new generation of the Omega+ Pad, a second, harder component is built into the viscoelastic material of the Hoffa spots and meniscus wings. Movable massage nubs made of firmer material selectively provide new stimuli when the pad deforms during movement. Their purpose is to intensify stimulation and to encourage varied contact in this area with its dense concentration of proprioceptors. The use of key sensory positions during therapeutic intervention increases the positive effects on motor response and thus on joint function.

Stable support and a practical aid for putting on and taking off the knee support: the new plastic stays.

New stays with flexible bending zones and donning and removal aids

In addition to the anatomical fit , the lateral stays also ensure that the knee support remains securely positioned during movement by stretching the knitted fabric in a stable manner. The new GenuTrain has stays made of sturdy, durable plastic with a patented flexible bending zone that follows the movement patterns of its wearer. This allows the support to maintain better contact with the knee joint. Donning aids at the upper end and removal aids at the lower end are built in, making it easier to put the support on and take it off. 

Images: Bauerfeind

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