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“It virtually sells itself”

Three-zone TRIactive foot orthosis

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 06.07.2016

Since its worldwide market launch ten years ago, the TRIactive’s functionality and striking appearance have turned it into a surefire success. One place where the cushioning foot orthosis is proving very popular is at Harald Kogel Orthopädie und Rehatechnik, a business specializing in orthopedic and rehabilitation technology based in Sindelfingen, Germany.

Harald Kogel , Managing Director Harald Kogel Orthopädie und Rehatechnik.
Harald Kogel , Managing Director Harald Kogel Orthopädie und Rehatechnik.

“I’d like another pair of the foot orthoses that look like a jigsaw puzzle please.” Many customers come to Harald Kogel Orthopädie und Rehatechnik with this request. They are referring, of course, to the TRIactive, a foot orthosis in which the sections of varying Shore hardness interlock with one another vertically like the piece in a jigsaw puzzle.
“We’ve been stocking the cushioning foot orthosis since it first appeared on the market ,” says Managing Director Harald Kogel. “Its special PowerWave technology won me over straightaway. The way that the individual loading zones with their varying degrees of hardness fit together so there are no irritating hard edges is really clever.” Thanks to the jigsaw puzzle appearance and the use of different colors, it is easy for customers to grasp how the foot orthosis works. “And its unique design makes it easily recognizable.”
The precisely positioned loading and pressure relief zones in the cushioning foot orthosis protect the support system and locomotor apparatus, alleviate strain injuries, and delay the onset of muscle fatigue. The TRIactive is available in the following designs to suit customers’ personal requirements: walk for walking and hiking as well as for people who spend long periods standing during their everyday lives, run for running, play for ball games, and golf for playing golf.
“We now give the TRIactive to around a third of the customers we treat with foot orthoses,” reports Harald Kogel. “Many of our customers ask to be prescribed one or two pairs of the foot orthoses a year because they are so long-lasting. “The TRIactive virtually sells itself,” remarks the expert orthotist happily. “The TRIactive walk is simply an outstanding foot orthosis for people who have to stand a lot at work as well as for walkers and hikers. It accounts for the majority of our sales.”

Strong demand for treadmill analyses and foot pressure measurement

Founded 28 years ago, the company is also well known among local runners due to its partnerships with sports and running stores and its participation in running fairs and other events. “Our customer base therefore also includes many runners, most of whom we provide with the TRIactive run, usually in combination with a treadmill analysis and dynamic foot pressure measurement using the medilogic insole measuring system. These services are very popular with our customers.” At Harald Kogel Orthopädie und Rehatechnik, every TRIactive orthosis is individually adapted to the customer’s specific needs. “The adjustments pay off for the customers with every step,” says Harald Kogel with confidence. 

Pictures: Udo Schönewald

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