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From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 02.03.2023

Digital measurement of data for the provision of medical products has been increasing significantly in the medical supply retail sector. With the 3D body scanners from the Bodytronic range (410, 600, 610), Bauerfeind has exactly the right solution for different requirements. After all, not only has contact-free measurement proven advantageous during times of the coronavirus pandemic. But the quick, exact, and reproducible measurement process also makes everyday work much easier, as does the digital data available afterwards. It can be easily processed during the integrated measurement and ordering process, enabling direct ordering online. A high level of expertise, continuous improvement, and great service round off Bauerfeind’s offer relating to the Bodytronic measurement systems.

Quick, accurate and contact-free – in 2022 alone, Bauerfeind’s 3D body scanners have performed 150,000 measurements. When compression stockings, supports or braces are provided, digital data recording makes life easier – not only for medical retailers but also customers.

A typical day at a medical supply retail store: a customer needs a compression product and their measurements need to be taken. Instead of constantly having to switch from tape measure to order form, the medical retailer asks the patient to stand on a platform which performs a complete rotation. Then, the patient can step off after less than a minute. During this time, the body measurement system captures all necessary circumference and length values that are used for the consultation as well as product supply or ordering.

“One in two orders placed via our online shop now comes from a digital measurement system. Initially, the ratio was around 30 per cent in 2019, but Covid has significantly accelerated adoption,” reports Andreas Körner, who is in charge of 3D body scanner software at Bauerfeind. Hygiene concepts specified distance – here, contact-free measurement offers a unique advantage. But Bodytronic 410, 600 and 610 feature even more benefits that keep winning over medical retailers. Not only is the measurement process contact-free and quick – therefore pleasant for everyone involved – but it also provides accurate, reproducible results that can be documented. “The measuring process is really simple. But you must make sure that the customer wears close-fitting underwear when measuring the legs. The relevant data needed to determine the size or produce a custom-made product is then available in the blink of an eye. Mistakes that can happen during measurement or transfer are therefore a thing of the past. And thanks to the speed of the system, there’s more time for the consultation,” says Andreas Körner. According to the measurements, the Bodytronic system makes suggestions relating to about 30 Bauerfeind products from the ranges of compression stockings supports or braces. “This means the retailer can quickly fetch an available product from storage after the measurement or implement further configurations and order the medical aid straight from the Bauerfeind shop.” 

Urgent custom-made solutions for VenoTrain micro, VenoTrain soft and VenoTrain soft S or VenoTrain impuls in caramel are delivered on the next day if the order is placed by 10 a.m. 

Andreas Körner adds: “For prior submissions to the health insurance companies, the Bauerfeind shop has recently intro­duced the option of creating a quote as an intermediate step.”

Used all over Germany: Bodytronic measurement systems

Easy commissioning

Bauerfeind has extensive expertise and many years’ experience when it comes to digital measurements. What began in 2003 with digital cameras and measurement textiles is continued today with the compact, portable Bodytronic 410 as well as the stationary Bodytronic 600, and since 2019, the Bodytronic 610 for full-body scans. 

The prerequisites for using the system at one’s own store are enough space for the device, changing facilities and an internet connection. “A computer with the relevant software is included in the package. A Bauerfeind technician takes care of set-up and commissioning. The employees who will use the device are instructed by Bauerfeind, too. There is always the option to schedule training sessions for new employees,” Andreas Körner explains and makes a suggestion for the best location: “The measurement systems should not be close to a window to prevent daylight from interfering with the infrared light, which would affect the measurement results. But this will also be taken into account by the service technician when checking the set-up conditions.”

“Thanks to the speed of the system, there’s more time for the consultation.”

Andreas Körner, Bauerfeind AG

Integrated measurement and order process

“Bodytronic systems make daily work easier for medical retailers because the processes are based on their specific requirements,” explains Andreas Körner. Size suggestions, for example, are made by the system at three different points: first, right after the measurement, when displaying the 3D model. At this stage, the medical retailer can fetch the appropriate standard product straight away from storage and complete the process. Based on this, they have the option of adjusting length measurements in expert mode. The second option is a datasheet in PDF format, which can be used for ordering or it can be saved in the ERP system if the order is not placed via the online shop. The third point is as part of item configuration in Bauerfeind’s online shop. The measurements are shown here, too. If these deviate significantly from the closest standard size, the medical retailer can decide which product would be best for the customer, taking into account certain tolerances. Andreas Körner: “It’s important that the employees at the medical supply retailer always remain in charge of the data. They have experience with the products, know their patients and individual preferences in perceived wearing comfort and can then change electronically recorded measurements accordingly if needed.” After that, the products can be ordered online at the push of a button and are delivered promptly – in some cases within 24 hours. 

Service included

“The increasing demand we have seen for Bodytronic measurement systems over the past few years confirms that the technology is popular with our customers,” reports Andreas Körner. This is shown by the growing number of rental systems on the market. “Direct customer feedback is also very good. One of our strengths is the integrated measurement and order process because our ‘one-stop shop’ principle has advantages for everyone involved.” If required, the medical retailer only needs somebody to contact and take care of effectively resolving a problem that has occurred. Bauerfeind, on the other hand, can adapt the processes to the retailers’ needs. The company, on the other hand, maintains a close cooperation with the distributors to inform its continuous improvement process. Andreas Körner: “The size suggestion right after the measurement is a good example of customer feedback resulting in improvement. We were able to provide this new function to our customers as part of a regular update. In this way, we ensure that our retail partners can offer up-to-date service quality when using the Bodytronic system for our products.”

Further information

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, you can reach the Measurement Technology Customer Service Team a
Phone: +49 (0)36628-66 29 00

Images: Bauerfeind, Stefan Volk, Udo Schönewald, Conny Kurz, Stefan Durstewitz, Frank Steinhorst.

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