Physiotherapy, the Canadian way

Train supports for outdoor enthusiasts

Measurement technology/ Supports

Totally custom-made

Custom-made supports for elbows, knees and ankles

Compression stockings/ Foot orthoses/ Supports

That certain something

Partnership with the Fluminense Football Club

Arthrosis/ Orthosis/ Supports

Conservative risk management

Gonarthrosis therapy

Knee pain/ Supports

“Breaking the pain-surgery-TEP chain“

GenuTrain A3 at a medical supply retailer

Back Pain/ Prevention/Occupational Safety/ Supports

Effective – and complies with occupational safety standards

Less back pain with LumboTrain

Back Pain/ Prevention/Occupational Safety/ Supports

Renewable back energy

LumboTrain in preventive occupational health

Knee pain/ Supports

Comfort sizes prove to be very popular with customers


Back Pain/ Supports

Global data for sports medicine

International case series with Train supports

Knee pain/ Orthosis/ Supports

“Lots of twists, lots of knee injuries”

Risks in gymnastics

Orthosis/ Supports

Achieving a customized fit

Practical knee workshop in Canada

Compression stockings/ Supports

Harnessing synergies

Compression therapy in orthopedics

Joint pain/ Supports

A hard-wearing aid

Shoulder treatment with OmoTrain S

Joint pain/ Supports

Active muscle stimulation

OmoTrain and OmoTrain S

Knee pain/ Supports

Keeping the knee in perfect harmony

GenuTrain P3