“The study data is clear”

GenuTrain P3 in cases of patellofemoral instability

Back Pain/ Supports

Crisis management for the back

The LumboTrain back support in preventive occupational health

Orthosis/ Supports

For a world-class performance on ice and snow

Providing medical care for Austria’s top skiers

Foot orthoses/ Supports

The best of two worlds

“ErgoPad ID: Core X” orthopedic foot orthoses

Orthosis/ Supports

“Elite athletes are highly compliant patients”

Orthopedics in Olympic sports

Knee pain/ Supports

“Hygge” for the knee

Tailored functional treatment with GenuTrain

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Prospective effectiveness

Study on the functional effectiveness of MalleoTrain

Joint pain/ Supports

“How can we measure stability?”

New insights into MalleoTrain

Knee pain/ Supports

Bending, stretching, flying

Return to activity with SecuTec Genu and GenuTrain

Orthosis/ Supports

Healthy in Guadalajara

Supporting sports in Mexico with medical products

Orthosis/ Supports

What does the patient want?

10th Zeulenroda Congress for Orthopedics and Sports Orthopedics (ZKOS)

Orthosis/ Supports

“The patient sets the agenda”

Individual treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Knee pain/ Supports

“I have a few years of top-class sports ahead of me”

Treatment for the long term with GenuTrain S

Knee pain/ Supports

Today’s Train generation

The new GenuTrain knee support

Knee pain/ Supports

“A bodyguard for the knee joint”

Added benefits for the knee