Compression stockings/ Lymph and lipedema

Come in and feel good

Caring for breast cancer patients in a medical retail store

Foot orthoses

High heels with highly valued benefits

Weightflex technology used by the Swedish footwear brand Stinaa.J

Foot orthoses/ Measurement technology

“We’re offering something unique”

Denmark: provision of foot orthoses using Bodytronic ID:CAM

Foot orthoses/ Measurement technology

A successful premiere

Thong sandals with Bodytronic ID:CAM

Foot problems/ Orthosis

The new benchmark for acute care

AirLoc ankle brace

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

Ways to combat pain

Options for treating osteoarthritis of the knee

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

“The valgus force relieves the medial compartment”

Multi-modal pain therapy in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee in France

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

Rebalancing painful conditions

Interdisciplinary treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee at RebalanceMD, Canada

News/ Supports

Balancing recovery and activity more efficiently

The next-generation ManuTrain

Back Pain/ Supports

“A true all-rounder for basic therapy”

LumboTrain and LumboTrain Lady in cases of back pain

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“Detecting correlations”

SacroLoc pelvic brace in cases of impaired SI joint function

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

“Movement generates movement”

CoxaTrain in non-surgical treatment

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

Proven edema reduction in the thigh area

The AG design of the VenoTrain ulcertec

Compression stockings/ Lymph and lipedema

Custom-made products for more quality of life

Italy: compression in cases of lipedema and lymphedema

Arthrosis/ Foot orthoses

“We’re achieving significant results”

Braces combined with foot orthoses to treat osteoarthritis of the knee