Compression stockings/ Lymph and lipedema

“We all have the same goal”

Lymphological treatment

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

“My treatment is exercise”

Compression in unique circumstances

Measurement technology

Good prospects with digital measurement technology

Bodytronic 610 at a medical supply retailer

Compression stockings/ Venous disorders

The right diagnosis is essential

Prescribing Ccl 1 compression stockings

ErgoPad ID:Sandal/ Foot orthoses

Muscle training with every step

Healthy feet in the summer

Joint pain/ Supports

The ManuTrain being put through its paces

The new generation with strap system in a test laboratory

Gonarthrosis/ Orthosis

Evidence-based evaluation

Study on the GenuTrain OA knee brace

Back Pain/ Supports

Extra time for prevention

Two fields, one tactic

Back Pain/ Supports

“The patient’s involvement is extremely important”

Supports in physiotherapy

Back Pain/ Orthosis/ Supports

“We should trust in our sensory perception”

Back pain treatment

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“We need to maintain a non-surgical approach in orthopedics”

Orthopedic engineering when treating back pain

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“The SI joint is a chameleon”

Differential diagnosis with the SacroLoc pelvic brace

Compression stockings

Identifying and treating the causes

Caring for patients with venous leg ulcers in Austria

Compression stockings/ Lymph and lipedema

“Surgery can help with long-term relief, but…”

Treating lipedema

Compression stockings/ Lymph and lipedema

“Don’t let pregnancy worry you”

Lipedema and lymphedema