Back Pain/ Orthosis

“Detecting correlations”

SacroLoc pelvic brace in cases of impaired SI joint function

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

“Movement generates movement”

CoxaTrain in non-surgical treatment


A game-changer in the post operative setting

SofTec Coxa for use after hip arthroscopy

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

A combination of active principles

Kinesiotherapy with hip brace

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

“Effects only make sense if they are beneficial”

Coxa Train evaluation study

Arthrosis/ Orthosis

“An orthopedic dream has come true”

Innovations advisor Prof. Dr. med. Heinrich Hess about Coxa Train

Orthosis/ Products

MalleoLoc proven to be effective

MRI study using a semi-rigid ankle brace

Knee pain/ Orthosis

Regeneration instead of repair

GenuTrain OA helps with regenerative medicine

Knee pain/ Orthosis

“My first recommendation: Stay active!”

Physical Therapist using the GenuTrain method

Knee pain/ Orthosis

Knee patients: digital detective work

Movement analysis at the medical supply retailer

News/ Orthosis

“Dynamics beat statics”

Refining diagnostics

Knee pain/ Orthosis

The SofTec Genu special brace promotes a more physiological gait

Recent knee brace study published

Knee pain/ Orthosis

“There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for osteoarthritis of the knee”

Conservative therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee


“It fits into patients’ everyday lives”

ManuLoc in non-surgical and post-operative use

Orthosis/ Supports

For a world-class performance on ice and snow

Providing medical care for Austria’s top skiers