Knee pain/ Supports

Keeping the knee in perfect harmony

GenuTrain P3

Knee pain/ Orthosis

“I’m able to enjoy life again”

Unconventional , but effective: SofTec Genu for MS

Compression stockings/ Knee pain

“Knee problems should be checked out“

Runner injuries

Knee pain/ Orthosis

“Secure fit , great design”

Modified SecuTec Genu knee orthosis

Knee pain/ Supports

Now available in five comfort sizes

Knee support GenuTrain

Knee pain/ Supports

“Tendons might not be very sexy, but they are important”

GenuPoint relieves strain symptoms at the patella

Knee pain/ Supports

Versatile knee protection

GenuTrain P3 active support

Knee pain/ Supports

“Supervisory authority of the knee”

The infrapatellar fat pad