Joint pain/ Supports

The ManuTrain being put through its paces

The new generation with strap system in a test laboratory

Joint pain/ Supports

Four products for stability 

Rapid relief for ankle sprains 

Joint pain/ Supports

Stability is crucial

Study: MalleoTrain in early functional treatment 

Joint pain/ Orthosis

Visible mechanical stabilization

MRI study with the MalleoLoc ankle orthosis

Joint pain/ Supports

“How can we measure stability?”

New insights into MalleoTrain

Joint pain/ Orthosis

“The orthosis gives patients the security they need”

Emergency treatment with MalleoLoc L3

Joint pain/ Orthosis

“Follow-up care is just as important as surgery itself”

Post-operative treatment with hand orthoses

Joint pain/ Supports

Numbers don’t lie

Train supports in sports physiotherapy

Compression stockings/ Joint pain

Back in the arena

Swiss wrestling king Matthias Glarner

Joint pain/ Orthosis

New lateral orthoses for the ankle

MalleoLoc L and MalleoLoc L3

Joint pain/ Orthosis

Giving biomechanics a helping hand

Ankle instability

Joint pain/ Supports

A hard-wearing aid

Shoulder treatment with OmoTrain S

Joint pain/ Supports

Active muscle stimulation

OmoTrain and OmoTrain S

Foot orthoses/ Joint pain

Effective relief for chronic heel
and ankle pain

Plantar fasciitis

Joint pain/ Orthosis

“The right treatment lays the foundations“

MalleoLoc ankle orthosis