Back Pain/ Orthosis

Restoring mobility more quickly

Using braces after spine surgery

Back Pain/ Supports

Extra time for prevention

Two fields, one tactic

Back Pain/ Supports

“The patient’s involvement is extremely important”

Supports in physiotherapy

Back Pain/ Orthosis/ Supports

“We should trust in our sensory perception”

Back pain treatment

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“We need to maintain a non-surgical approach in orthopedics”

Orthopedic engineering when treating back pain

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“The SI joint is a chameleon”

Differential diagnosis with the SacroLoc pelvic brace

Back Pain/ Supports

“A true all-rounder for basic therapy”

LumboTrain and LumboTrain Lady in cases of back pain

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“Detecting correlations”

SacroLoc pelvic brace in cases of impaired SI joint function

Back Pain/ Supports

Crisis management for the back

The LumboTrain back support in preventive occupational health

Back Pain/ Orthosis

Invictus – wounded, yet undefeated

Back orthoses for a fighter

Back Pain/ Orthosis

Clinically relevant

SacroLoc study

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“We want to bring the muscles back into play”

Back pain therapy

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“Our goal is to objectify achievable mobilization”

Clinical study with Spinova Osteo

Back Pain/ Orthosis

“Quality also means taking time for patients“

Medical supply retailer with Spinova Support Plus in a hospital

Back Pain/ Prevention/Occupational Safety/ Supports

Effective – and complies with occupational safety standards

Less back pain with LumboTrain