Ten years of cooperation

Bauerfeind and the Chinese market

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There is one committed entrepreneur who has contributed significantly to making Bauerfeind’s products very popular in China: Wu Yuqing from Beijing Inter Data International Trading Co, Ltd.

It was thanks to fortunate circumstances that the business relationship between the Chinese distribution company Beijing Inter Data International Trading Co, Ltd. and Bauerfeind started back in 2008: when the company’s managing director, Wu Yuqing, was a university student in Hamburg, specializing in the fields of economics and business management , he learned to deliberately use the German language to establish international relationships. In 2008 he met the international sales director of Bauerfeind AG. Furthermore, Wu Yuqing’s company provided products for the fencers during the Summer Olympics in Beijing, and here he was able to experience the work of the Bauerfeind support team first hand. In the German House, the team provided the German athletes with preventive care products, and with medical aids in the case of injuries.
Wu Yuqing was impressed by the service, the products and the local staff, and so he set himself the goal to provide Bauerfeind products to the Chinese market. This business idea was the starting point for what was to become a successful cooperation over the years: “I felt at the start that it could be a good business deal , but I did not expect a long-term partnership like this,” the 55-year-old managing director recalls.

Most of the products are nowadays sold online.

95 percent online sales

Wu Yuqing took up his sales activities with a small selection of products from the Train series: the GenuTrain, MalleoTrain and LumboTrain. Online sales have meanwhile gained significance and the demand for Bauerfeind products is also constantly growing in China. More than 95 percent of the Chinese distributor’s products are currently bought online and in most cases via smartphone. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and customers benefit from the convenient , uncomplicated delivery service. Anyone wishing to see the precise fit and feel of the products for themselves before making a purchase can visit one of the two Bauerfeind stores in Beijing and Shanghai to seek consultation. The quality seal “Made in Germany” is still a convincing selling point , as Chinese customers are willing to invest into high-quality products. Health-awareness is also promoted by politics in China: “The healthcare system has developed very positively since 2008. This is thanks to our state president , Xi Jinping, and his new government policy. He is very dedicated to reforming the healthcare system and to recreational sports.” The Olympic Games are going to be held in China yet again. In winter 2022, Wu Yuqing will be able to experience the Olympics in his home country for the second time. He expects that the health-conscious Chinese customers’ interest in products by Bauerfeind is going to increase further in the meantime.

Images: Bauerfeind, Beijing Inter Data International Trading Co, Ltd.

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