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Bauerfeind life (Issue 02/2020)

Key topic Targeted pressure: Treating venous leg ulcers

  • Orthopedics in Olympic sports:
    Elite athletes are highly compliant patients
  • Visible mechanical stabilization:
    MRI study with the MalleoLoc ankle orthosis
  • Producing quality while maintaining cost efficiency:
    Wide range of applications for Bodytronic ID:CAM


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Articles in this issue

Wide range of applications for Bodytronic ID:CAM Producing quality while maintaining cost efficiency

The Bodytronic ID:CAM web application is a modern and adaptable tool for orthotists modeling customized milled orthoses. It offers a wide …

Guideline-based osteoporosis therapy Reaching consensus on treatment

The osteoporosis guidelines published by Dachverband Osteologie (DVO) e. V., the German osteology umbrella organization, will be updated this …

MRI study with the MalleoLoc ankle orthosis Visible mechanical stabilization

A study is being conducted in Freiburg, Germany, on ankle stability diagnostics. A new MRI procedure shows changed joint congruency in the …

Orthopedics in Olympic sports “Elite athletes are highly compliant patients”

Orthopedist with a sporting past: Dr. med. Maren Pachutani works at Bonn Community Hospital , Germany, – cooperation partner of Rhineland Olympic …

Compression during and after pregnancy A risk-adapted approach is required

During pregnancy, the risk of a thromboembolic event increases. Why this is the case and when medical compression stockings are indicated during …

Non-surgical treatment of venous leg ulcers “Edemas slow down the healing of wounds”

Treating venous leg ulcers caused by impaired perfusion in the lower leg is one of the major challenges in medical practice. In addition to wound …

Hemodynamics study with CVI patients Compression therapy reduces capillary hypertension

In patients with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), movement triggers a pressure increase in the capillaries of the feet and can damage the …

Study on patient education Increasing adherence through information

When treating venous leg ulcers, the patient’s self-management plays an important role. Wound expert Kerstin Protz, whose tasks include being the …

Accompanying compression therapy during pregnancy Comfortable relief

During pregnancy and the postpartum period, medical compression stockings support the venous system, which is subjected to additional strain, and …

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