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Bauerfeind life (Issue 02/2018)


Key topic Conservative gonarthrosis therapy: Stage-appropriate use of supports and orthoses

  • “Informed patients know that lipedema hurts”: The differences between lipedema and lymphedema and adiposity
  • “Quality also means taking time for patients”: Experiences with the Spinova
    Support Plus back orthosis
  • “Keeping pace with technological developments“: Foot orthoses for diabetics – with Bodytronic ID:CAM

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Articles in this issue

Swiss wrestling king Matthias Glarner Back in the arena

Several severe injuries appeared to have put an end to Matthias Glarner’s professional career in mid-2017. Switzerland’s reigning wrestling king …

Ballgefühl ist nicht nur Kopfsache: Den Stars von Fluminense helfen im Training auch Bandagen und Einlagen.

Partnership with the Fluminense Football Club That certain something

Brazilian footballers have always had something others did not possess: elegance, finesse, and an infatuation with the ball. The Fluminense FC …

Ganz nah dran – im Football-Stadion und an den Füßen seiner Patienten: Orthopäde Dr. Jorge Mijares.

ErgoPad weightflex 2 in Mexico A new world of foot orthoses

For treating his patients with foot problems, the orthopedic specialist Dr. Jorge Mijares from Mexico has been increasingly using one particular …

Bauerfeind pre-symposium at the IUP World Congress Lymphedema – a multi-factor ailment

During the 18th World Congress of the International Union of Phlebology (IUP) in Melbourne (Australia) international experts had the opportunity …


The differences between lipedema and lymphedema and adiposity “Informed patients know that lipedema hurts”

The fact that when addressing a case history, one should act unobtrusively in order to see whether a pinch actually triggers pain is something …


Stage-appropriate gonarthrosis therapy Knee relief

Osteoarthritis is the most commonly occurring joint disease worldwide, but it does not follow a common pattern. For example, people with severe …

pinova Support Plus

Medical supply retailer with Spinova Support Plus in a hospital “Quality also means taking time for patients“

Certified orthotist Eiko Limmer works at the medical supply retailer Spiegel in Fulda (Germany). When he visits the neighboring hospital , he …


SecuTec OA at the Trimedic health center “The orthosis, not the osteoarthritis, has my knee in its grip”

The Trimedic health center utilizes a three-pillar model consisting of prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. Long-term patients at the facility in …


SecuTec OA knee orthosis Perfect fit for gonarthrosis

Through its targeted relief and stabilization of the knee joint , the new SecuTec OA knee orthosis allows patients with moderate to advanced …

Customers should learn first-hand that supports don’t hurt at all , says Ralf Erken from rahm.

GenuTrain A3 at a medical supply retailer “Breaking the pain-surgery-TEP chain“

Gonarthrosis invariably leads to a joint replacement: Ralf Erken from the rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit medical-supply organization in Troisdorf …


Occupational health management (OHM) at Deutsche Lufthansa AG “A complete success“

Lufthansa cabin crews conducted a four-week trial with compression stockings both at work and in their free time. When the trials ended, 94 …

Beim Arbeiten mit der Webanwendung Bodytronic ID:CAM schätzt Jan Fritzsch die Detailtiefe und die intuitive Menüführung.

Foot orthoses for diabetics – with Bodytronic ID:CAM “Keeping pace with technological developments“

With the Bodytronic ID:CAM system solution from Bauerfeind, orthotists can individually model orthoses and then have them milled at Bauerfeind – …

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