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Bauerfeind life (Issue 02/2014)

Key topic Protection from overloading: Compression Socks Performance and Training

  • Keeping the joint in line: Knee support can change your gait: Study on the biomechanical mode of operation of the GenuTrain
  • Combating chronic heel and ankle pain in young people: Prospective study with ViscoHeel at the AMC Amsterdam
  • Change your mindset , accept support aids, stay active: Use of GenuTrain S in patients at risk of osteoarthritis

Articles in this issue

Prospective study with ViscoHeel Combating chronic heel and ankle pain in adolescents

It is not always the most complex solution that is best. A study shows that even a small amount of support might have a significant impact: …

LumboTrain active support Free movement of the muscles

A new study proves: The “phantom” of muscular atrophy when wearing a support doesn’t exist. On the contrary: With the LumboTrain lumbar support …

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