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Bauerfeind life (Issue 01/2018)

Key topic Giving biomechanics a helping hand: New orthoses for ankle instability

  • “Basically anyone will benefit from this stocking”:
    Study into the VenoTrain cocoon compression stocking
  • Effective vein therapy for the early stages of PAD:
    New: VenoTrain angioflow compression stocking
  • Diabetic foot syndrome: prevention is key:
    Early foot orthosis therapy can prevent foot ulcers

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Articles in this issue

MalleoLoc L and MalleoLoc L3 New lateral orthoses for the ankle

Bauerfeind is adding two new orthoses to its range of products for the ankle: MalleoLoc L and MalleoLoc L3. Worn inside the shoe, these orthoses …

Ankle instability Giving biomechanics a helping hand

Walking, running, jumping – all of the body’s vertical movement forces have to be transmitted horizontally onto a small area.

A quick test for the new ankle orthoses “Mobilization is the key aim”

Bauerfeind life introduced the MalleoLoc L and MalleoLoc L3 to Dr. med. Jörn Kühle at the Metropol Medical Center in the German city of …

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Stringent data security requirements

The EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force on May 25, 2018, imposes much more stringent requirements on all …

Interview “Color reflects an attitude toward life”

Graduate designer Hermann Rokitta, a specialist in product and brand esthetics from Mühlheim in Germany, acted as a mentor for the color concept …

New color system for the VenoTrain standard product range Focusing on the essentials

“When things get too colorful , you have to show your true colors,” Swiss author Josef Imbach once observed. And the VenoTrain standard range of …

Less back pain with LumboTrain Effective – and complies with occupational safety standards

One aim was to make strenuous work at tire service provider Pneuhage easier and to reduce back pain. The other aim was to set an example with the …

LumboTrain in preventive occupational health Renewable back energy

The initial reactions from staff were unequivocal: “A fantastic initiative – more please!” 80 LumboTrain-wearing employees of the Niederrhein …

Practical experience of the VenoTrain cocoon The “care stocking” is going down well

What do medical retailers and patients think of the new compression stocking? Bauerfeind life paid a visit to two medical supply retailers to find out.

New service feature for Bauerfeind quality partners See your store through the customer’s eyes

The Bauerfeind Quality Partner Program (BQP) is introducing a new service feature in 2018: an on-site analysis of the retail space that will give …

Diabetic foot syndrome Prevention is key

Approximately one in every ten people with diabetes develops diabetic foot syndrome (DFS). PD Dr. med. Alexander Mehlhorn, a foot specialist from …

ErgoPad foot orthoses for diabetics Long-lasting protection for sensitive feet

With diabetic patients, relieving pressure on the sole of the foot is essential in order to reduce the risk of pressure points and wounds. The …

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