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Spinova lumbar orthoses

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The decision to enter a new segment with the development of a complete system of innovative back orthoses was a courageous move. Three years on, Spinova lumbar orthoses have become a fixture in the medical supply sector.

The back is a highly sensitive part of the body – and no one is more aware of this fact than physicians and their patients. But another group of professionals knows all about the healthcare challenges that the lumbar region presents: product developers and orthopedic technicians possess a wealth of experience of care requirements for the lower spine region. Physicians prescribing treatment rightfully expect that the therapeutic devices they select will enable them to tailor their care to the individual needs of their patients. But care solutions that meet the needs of the therapist while also boasting high levels of patient acceptance are few and far between.

Systematic straightening

Daniel Trapp, Managing Director of medical supply retailer Trapp in Friedrichshafen.
Daniel Trapp, Managing Director of medical supply retailer Trapp in Friedrichshafen.

In this context , the feedback forthcoming from the Lake Constance region of Germany is all the more pleasing. The medical supply retailer Trapp, headquartered in Friedrichshafen, was one of the very first retailers to use Spinova. The latest modifications made to the product line are thanks, in part , to feedback from the company, which boasts the largest network of branches in the Lake Constance area. “Bauerfeind is a perfect fit for our modern and high-quality range,” says Managing Director Daniel Trapp. “We’ve been using the products for a long time and know that we can rely on them.” In return, he adds, Trapp knows that its ideas and suggestions will be taken on board. René Feldmann is a product expert who works closely with the customer, and the orthopedic technician is responsible for modifying Spinova for Trapp. “Back patients are in a great deal of pain,” explains the experienced technical expert. “When I tell the customer about the system and adapt it to suit them for the very first time, I’m always astounded by what I see,” says René Feldmann: “With each incremental adjustment , the patients sit in a more upright position. They no longer need to evade the pain. The more stability they are given, the more relief they feel.”

More options for follow-up treatment

Torx screwdriver, bridging frame, tensioning strap system: three key elements used to adjust the lumbar orthosis Spinova Unload Plus.
Torx screwdriver, bridging frame, tensioning strap system: …

A few turns of the integrated adjustment screws is usually all it takes to achieve a perfectly fitted Spinova system, based on the specifications of the prescribing physician. A Torx screwdriver is often the most important tool in René Feldmann’s kit. The technician uses the tool to adjust the power of the variable tensioning strap system, which is fitted precisely over the individual segments of the spine. “Just a few turns is all it takes for me to see a rapid effect in posture correction.” While for some, the solution serves as a fast method of confirming the effect of the work done with a patient , for others, it opens up brand new treatment opportunities: “When I can use the tensioning strap system to manipulate different regions of the spine, I have more options for follow-up treatment at my disposal ,” explains Dr. Thomas Benz. The neurosurgeon operates on many intervertebral disk patients at the Lake Constance Spinal Center in Friedrichshafen.

High pulling power

Torx screwdriver, bridging frame, tensioning strap system: three key elements used to adjust the lumbar orthosis Spinova Unload Plus.
… three key elements used to adjust the lumbar orthosis Spinova Unload Plus.

René Feldmann also often works with physicians’ prescriptions at his Friedrichshafen clinic and local hospitals. The orthotist helps patients at these clinics to familiarize themselves with Spinova. “I take my time when showing patients how to use the system. It takes however long it takes to adjust a back orthosis,” he emphasizes, without compromise. “The process also involves a trial fitting. Once we’re happy with the orthosis itself, we get to work with the patient. The patient must be able to put on the orthosis correctly by themselves.” René Feldmann is satisfied only when the patient is able to put on and remove their Spinova independently. This is possible for the vast majority of people – even older patients with limited gripping ability. The new belt fastening makes it easier to put on and secure the orthosis. In addition to the wide-ranging functionality of the ­Spinova product line, Daniel Trapp has identified a further advantage of the lumbar orthoses: “Their contemporary design appeals to our customers,” says the Managing Director. “The back orthoses are chic, modern and eye-catching. They could almost pass as a sports accessory.” Spinova – a tool with pulling power.

Pictures: Bauerfeind, Conny Kurz

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