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From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.07.2017

Regardless of whether they are caused by an impingement syndrome, a separated shoulder, or rotator cuff tears, shoulder complaints are long-lasting conditions which often impede not only the patient’s mobility, but their ability to work. A stabilizing support can help patients in their working lives.

Fritz Bald’s shoulder support looks well-loved. That’s hardly surprising, given that the janitor wears it morning, noon, and night. He admits that he even sometimes wears it to bed because he forgets to take it off. In fact , Fritz Bald believes that you can never have enough of such hard-wearing aids. This is why he owns three of them: An old one that he wears whenever he has to get his hands dirty, a middle-aged one, and a relatively new one that , in his own words, he “saves for Sunday best.” He has chosen the same model for all three of them – OmoTrain S, a stabilizing shoulder support which not only protects the joint , but offers extensive freedom of movement. This is exactly what Fritz Bald needs when going about his janitor duties, which include tasks requiring him to reach above his head, such as painting ceilings or changing lightbulbs, putting a strain on his shoulder.

Injury-induced instability

Two years ago, Fritz Bald fell off his bike, causing him to dislocate his acromioclavicular joint (AC joint). This shoulder separation injury is especially common in middle-aged and elderly patients. Following his accident , the 65-year-old had to undergo surgery. “Afterwards, as is the case with almost all patients who suffer such injuries, he developed instability in his joint.” Fritz Bald’s physician is Dr. med. Ulrich Nüchterlein, a specialist in orthopedics with his own private practice in Nuremberg, Germany. The orthopedist and sports physician treats many long-term, painful shoulder problems in his practice, as this joint is susceptible to such conditions. “Impingement , for example, which is a constriction syndrome affecting the subacromial space, often leads to rotator cuff tears, while acromioclavicular separation may be caused by undetected shoulder osteoarthritis. Both of these are frequently indications for surgery.”

OmoTrain S has a removable Delta pad with frictional nubs.
OmoTrain S has a removable Delta pad with frictional nubs.

Returning to work

Dr. Nüchterlein believes that OmoTrain supports are especially useful for assisting patients during the long post-traumatic periods following various shoulder injuries: “Shoulder patients are extremely grateful when they finally find something that can help them following an exhausting stretch of pain sensitivity and uncertainty.”
Fritz Bald experienced this first hand:
“After my operation, my shoulder felt weak and shaky,” he recalls. “I couldn’t do anything. But then, around eight weeks later, I received my first OmoTrain S. And after three months, I was able to return to work.”
Dr. Nüchterlein has noticed that all patients who have undergone surgery have one thing in common: “As has been found by all the studies I’ve read, the shoulder generally hurts for around three months. After this, most patients are ready to return to work. This transition is made all the easier if there is a shoulder support which can help them along the way.”

Compression reduces pain

The orthopedist believes it is no coincidence that the janitor feels such a sense of security when wearing his OmoTrain S support: “It is clear to me that the compression exerted by the knitted fabric and the massaging effect of the nubbed pad relieve pain,” says Dr. Nüchterlein. “Both of these features also improve proprioception, boosting the body’s own stabilization mechanisms during loading.”

Images: Conny Kurz

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