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A representative survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research (IfD) on behalf of eurocom provides comprehensive insight into the use, effectiveness and quality of supports/braces, foot orthoses and compression stockings.

The survey included about 1,300 German men and women aged 16 and above who use supports, braces, orthopedic foot orthoses or medical compression stockings prescribed by their physician, which were interviewed in January and February 2023. The main finding: by using these medical products, patients noticeably improve their quality of life.

An important fact for subjectively perceived effectiveness, and hence successful treatment, is patient education provided by physicians. The survey results confirm that patients primarily use the medical products correctly and consistently when they understand how to apply them, how they work, and what they actually do. About four out of five physicians provide sufficient information to their patients during consultations, broken down as follows: 84 percent of patients wearing medical compression stockings (82 percent in 2019), 77 percent of patients using foot orthoses (73 percent in 2019) and 83 percent of patients wearing supports or braces (79 percent in 2019). In all three groups, the percentage of users with a medical education visit had increased compared with the previous survey. The perceived benefits are generally higher after patient education compared to providing no information.

Once the medical product has been handed over, a check-up during a follow-up visit is recommended. During the visit, the physician can check whether the patient received the correct product and if it fits properly. In addition to this simple assurance, a detailed analysis of the survey shows that the subsequent check-up by a physician can increase the subjective effectiveness of the medical product reported by patients.

From a patient’s perspective, medical products help a good deal or a great deal.

Physican explained the medical product vs. physican did not explain the medical product.

Did a physician check your medical product during a follow-up visit?

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