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Patient day for those affected by lipedema or lymphedema “We’re glad you’re here”

Issue 01/2020

A specialist shoe and orthopedic store in Westerwald demonstrates how female patients in rural areas can get fired up for promotional days. In addition to the charisma of bloggers such as Britta Beckmann, sensitive intuition for the concerns of those affected is also part of the winning formula.

The nutritionist Urte Brink also participated in the patient day organized by Orthopädieschuhtechnik Stockschlaeder in Gebhardshain, Germany.

The door opens, and immediately on stepping into Orthopädieschuhtechnik Stockschlaeder, female customers are immersed in the friendly, warm atmosphere of the event. Each individual is greeted personally and very warmly by the manager, Tanja Stockschlaeder. The motto of the day “We’re glad you’re here!” is lived out authentically during the first “Lipedema and Lymphedema Day for Ladies”. The agenda includes information about a healthy life with lipedema and lymphedema, and about treatment with compression products. Plus, there’s much more that can make the patients’ lives nicer: the women can browse in a fashion jewelry collection, get made up professionally and have their pictures taken. The wide variety of seating options is also very popular. Here, the women can get to know each other and swap stories in a quiet , undisturbed atmosphere. Small snacks and gifts as well as a raffle with attractive prizes – the main prize being compression treatment with VenoTrain curaflow – round off the program. It’s a successful mixture to provide qualified advice to customers while they can gain a lot of self-confidence in a relaxed feel-good ambiance.


Patient day participants enjoyed …

Large catchment area

Stockschlaeder medical retailer is located in the idyllic township of Gebhardshain in Westerwald, Germany, with a mere 2,000 inhabitants. But the catchment area covers much more than the rural township: some customers even regularly come from the Cologne region, making journeys of more than an hour.The family business has existed for 125 years. Together with her father, Tanja Stockschlaeder manages the store as the fourth generation. Originally specializing in shoes and orthopedics, Tanja Stockschlaeder expanded the store’s range with compression stockings. “15 years ago, we already started using Bauerfeind’s digital 3D measurement technology to measure for compression stockings,” she recalls. Initially, the company supplied patients with vein problems with circular-knit compression stockings. She soon realized, however, that there is also a great need for flat-knit compression garments. Since the master orthotist completed further training with Bauerfeind and at the technical institute, she has also been treating patients with lipedema and lymphedema. “I want to advise my customers proficiently and very personally. That’s very close to my heart ,” she says. Organizing a patient day was a “gut decision”, Tanja Stockschlaeder explains. “It’s designed to be a thank-you to my customers – and an opportunity for them to get to know each other.” She compiled the program including flat knit consultation by Bauerfeind, a presentation given by a nutritionist and a bit of beauty and personal care in such a way that it addresses the patients’ needs. Expert advice was provided by blogger Britta Beckmann, who has lipedema and lymphedema herself.

… being professionally put into the limelight.

Letting those affected speak out

Via her social media channels, Britta Beckmann has been reaching many affected patients for years. Her followers love her for the authentic and friendly way she educates her audience – and she encourages many to follow her to promotional days and to meet her personally. Britta Beckmann is a popular guest at these events. She says: “During the preparation of promotional days, you should listen to those people who you’re organizing them for: the patients. Diet and fashion are always huge topics.” Questions about treatment with compression stockings, medical background knowledge and a personal exchange of experiences are also at the top of her followers’ wish lists. “Liposuction, too, is an important subject ,” she explains. “A lot of women are unsure: they want to know which path is best for them personally.”
Medical retailers wanting to offer similar patient days should tailor their offer precisely to the relevant target group, Britta Beckmann adds. For example, a woman who has lymphedema owing to cancer has completely different needs and questions than a lipedema patient. In any case, she recommends giving those affected a chance to talk about their experiences.
In Gebhardshain, Tanja Stockschlaeder is pleased that she followed her “gut feeling”. Her approximately 40 visitors are leaving the store with useful information, nice memories and enriching encounters. “They are all leaving with a smile on their faces. That means the effort was absolutely worth it.” 

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