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The new generation of SacroLoc

Patented tensioning strap system

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 28.10.2017

With original improvements, the latest generation of the SacroLoc pelvic orthosis builds on the innovative quality of its predecessor. It is now more comfortable to wear and more effective than ever before.

The goal is still the same: Once again, the new generation of SacroLoc stabilizes the pelvis and relieves pressure on the sacroiliac joints. The pelvic orthosis acts to relieve strain on the muscles and ligaments. Circular compression helps to keep the pelvis upright and relieve strain on the local ligaments. The even narrower and more discreet shape of the orthosis and its breathable mesh material make it much more comfortable to wear. The new, more elastic mesh material is similar to the fabric of the Spinova range. It adapts to the body better and securely remains in position during movement. The soft edges are especially comfortable when the wearer is sitting down. Practical finger loops on the flat abdominal fastening make it easier to put on and take off. Alongside the new mesh fabric of the SacroLoc, a new sizing system with seven sizes has also been introduced.

Precise action on the sacroiliac joints

The new strap system directly guides the pads.
The new strap system directly guides the pads.

A patented tensioning strap system with lightweight , non-elastic lattice straps boosts the effect of the new SacroLoc. With the aid of the strap, the two dorsal pads are brought to exactly the right position on the joints, as they can now be adjusted individually. This enables more precise positioning directly on the SI joints. The anatomically shaped pads have a stimulating effect during movement and further enhance the relief provided by the orthosis. Frictional nubs have a targeted effect on trigger points and on the insertion points of the stabilizing ligaments and muscles. This promotes circulation, alleviates pain, and releases tension in the lumbosacral area. The optimized properties of the new SacroLoc set it apart from the competition and increase the likelihood that the patient will comply with the course of treatment. The effectiveness of the orthosis has been verified in a number of studies
(see footnotes 1 and 2).
Indications for treatment with the SacroLoc orthosis are:Disorders of the sacroiliac joints (SI joint syndrome, SI joint arthrosis, SI joint instability), pelvic girdle instability (for example in the case of symphysis rupture or loosening), SI joint blockage (acute and prophylactic), myalgia and tendinopathy in the pelvic region, structural disturbance after spinal fusion at L5-S1 level , and conservative treatment after pelvic fractures.

1: Sichting F., Rossol J., Soisson O., Klima S., Milani T., Hammer N Pain Physician. 2014 Jan-Feb; 17 (1): 43–51. Pelvic belt effects on sacroiliac joint ligaments: a computational approach to understand therapeutic effects of pelvic belts.

2: Soisson O., Lube J., Germano A., Hammer K.-H., Josten C., Sichting F., Winkler D., Milani T., Hammer N. PLOS ONE 10.1371/journal.pone.0116739. published 17 Mar 2015. Pelvic belt effects on pelvic morphometry, muscle activity and body balance in patients with sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Images: Bauerfeind

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