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Osteoporosis self-help with the Spinova Osteo

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Story Check Karin G. Mertel, Chair of Netzwerk-Osteoporose e. V., recommends Spinova Osteo for participation.

  • The back orthosis offers protection after vertebral fractures and prevention against falls.
  • Spinova Osteo straightens the spine, bringing back the whole life back into view.
  • In Netzwerk Osteoporose’s information library, users can find explanations on how to put on and wear the orthosis.

Karin G. Mertel has represented the interests of osteoporosis patients for 27 years. A key demand of the chairperson of Netzwerk Osteoporose e. V. is: participation. A straightening orthosis can help here.

Karin G. Mertel , Vorsitzende des Netzwerks Osteoporose e. V.
Karin G. Mertel , chairperson of Netzwerk Osteoporose e. V.

Bauerfeind life: What do osteoporosis patients need most urgently?

Karin G. Mertel: Attention. They want to be taken seriously at last. By health insurance providers, family members, physicians. But not just sporadically, for 30 minutes during a visit to the doctor. Osteoporosis is a long-term illness. Living with osteoporosis means living with your own particular needs. These are shaped by very individual symptoms and restrictions. To convey these needs to some extent to those not affected, an obstacle course can be navigated at our information events. Walking with the disease is simulated with weights and other equipment. I would recommend this course to any physician.

Look good with an orthosis: the external image is important to many people affected by osteoporosis.

You also recommend straightening orthoses, among others, to those affected.

Karin G. Mertel: Orthoses are important instruments for protection and to prevent falls after a vertebral fracture. The kind of aid is critical. The orthosis has to straighten the spine. This is usually the only way that pain can be alleviated. What is more: the patient no longer looks down, but forwards. Trees, birds, stumbling blocks ahead, your whole life comes back into view – that’s participation! To this end, the orthosis has to fit the individual and to meet their needs. Otherwise it won’t be worn. It’s that simple, and that difficult to achieve.

Can you name a successful example?

Karin G. Mertel: We will soon upload a video to our website of a patient who has a straightening orthosis fitted, and which shows how she puts on and wears this aid. We consciously chose the Spinova Osteo by Bauerfeind as a demonstration aid. On the one hand, because in this way, we also want to show physicians what a suitable orthosis can achieve within multi-track treatment. On the other, for our patients, some of whom come to us with reservations about an orthosis. After all , it’s true: many orthoses are bulky, heavy and uncomfortable.

What are the special features of the Spinova Osteo?

Karin G. Mertel: It is lightweight and easy to put on, without the dreaded rotation. It is simply suited for daily use. Discontinuation of treatment and subsequent fractures can be avoided. You can feel that many people have put themselves into the patients’ situation. I always have the orthosis in my luggage at our events. With the Spinova Osteo, I am able to convince my often uncertain dialogue partners to at least try to participate in life again and to support the treatment measures to a greater degree.

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