“This support really helps me.”

Testing the new generation of GenuTrain A3

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin

Sabine L. (63) from Karlsruhe suffers from early-stage osteoarthritis of the knee and has been testing the new GenuTrain A3. She wears it when her knee is subjected to strain, when going on extended walks with her Spanish Water Dog, or playing 18 holes of golf, which quickly adds up to 10 kilometers.

life: What is different when you wear the GenuTrain A3?
Sabine L.: When I start walking in the mornings, it’s a completely differently feeling, and I don’t have to focus on my knee so much when I don’t put on the support. It doesn’t just help my knee, but also gives me peace of mind. I can feel the stability, from the sides in particular. When I’m out and about with my lively little dog, covering six to ten kilometers a day, the GenuTrain A3 really helps me and gives me a feeling of stability. When I play golf, it doesn’t restrict me in my rotational movements, and I only take it off at “the 19th hole”. The sense of protection even remains when I’ve taken off the support.

What else do you do to stabilize your knee?
Sabine L.: My orthopedist treats my knee comprehensively. I had cruciate ligament surgery after a skiing accident 20 years ago that I recovered from only very slowly. When my right knee started to swell more and more often after long distances, I went to see him. He diagnosed mild osteoarthritis on both sides and suspected a Baker’s cyst. He recommended compression, and I’m receiving osteopathy and shockwave therapy as well as regularly going to physical therapy at TRIMEDIC in Karlsruhe. When I do exercises using equipment, I don’t usually wear my support but during endurance training on the running machine or cross-trainer I do. I also wear my GenuTrain A3 when I do major grocery shopping so I don’t subject myself to too much strain.


Greater comfort during early osteoarthritis therapy. More information about the new generation of GenuTrain A3 knee support.

Images: Bauerfeind, Udo Schönewald

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