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Orthotic care with ErgoPad weightflex 

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 17.06.2021

Story Check Stinus Orthopädie GmbH in Achern, Germany, consistently relies on Bauerfeind’s ErgoPad weightflex foot orthosis for the orthopedic treatment of flat feet, splay feet and high-arched feet as well as heel spurs:

  • The orthotic blanks are ideal for processing into the perfect and therefore highly effective shape.
  • The design of the foot orthosis ensures the ideal load on the foot.
  • The foot orthosis fits into all types of shoes and is readily accepted and worn by customers.

The orthotists at Stinus Orthopädie GmbH often treat flat feet, splay feet and high-arched feet as well as heel spurs with ErgoPad weightflex. The experts turn orthotic blanks into individually adapted products that fit perfectly and are therefore extremely effective. These foot orthoses can be worn in practically any shoe – from wingtip brogues to ballerina pumps – which means that customers are happy to use them.

Helping with custom-made solutions – the motto of Stinus Orthopädie since 1905.

In 1905, Martin and Maria Anna Stinus founded their workshop for fine custom-
made shoes in Achern, south of ­Karlsruhe, creating the foundation for today’s “Stinus Orthopädie” medical supply retailer. The company currently employs more than 70 staff members in a total of twelve branches throughout Baden-Wuerttemberg. Stinus Orthopädie’s focus is on the areas of orthopedic shoe technology, comfort and sports shoes, orthopedic technology as well as rehabilitation and care. “We’re a classic one-stop shop where our ­customers receive everything from one provider,” explains Ferdinand Weber, Master Orthopedic ­Shoemaker and Managing Director of Stinus Orthopädie. “With determination and expertise, we continue our company philosophy of ‘helping with custom-made solutions’ that we’ve been following for over 110 years.” Orthopedic shoe technology and supplying foot orthoses in particular play a central role at Stinus. “Every orthopedic treatment begins with a foot orthosis,” Ferdinand Weber explains. “The foot orthosis has to provide relief to the foot in its entirety, but must also fit into the customer’s preferred shoes. After all, a foot orthosis can only be effective if it is actually worn.”

Together with information about the preferred shoe type, the foot measurement results are the foundation for the provision of foot orthoses.

Suitable for different styles of shoes,
thanks to its flat design

For more than ten years, Stinus has resolutely relied on the ErgoPad weightflex orthotic blank as the foundation for further processing, mainly treating flat feet, splay feet and high-arched feet as well as heel spurs. “The crucial aspect for us it that the foot orthosis can be processed easily and perfectly adapted to the relevant treatment needs,” Ferdinand Weber emphasizes. This includes thermoplastic molding as well as mechanical grinding. “This customization allows us to offer the required functionality and effectiveness. That simply doesn’t work with one-size foot orthoses that have been industrially manufactured.

Manufactured precisely in accordance with the data gathered, …

Each foot varies much too widely for that.” The low space requirement ensures that these foot orthoses are actually worn: “The ErgoPad weightflex fits into practically any women’s and men’s shoes, from elegant business models and ballerinas to pumps and smart evening shoes,” the managing director reports. “The foot orthosis can also be adapted to high heels so the footbed doesn’t necessarily have to be removed from potentially expensive shoes.” This does not mean that the ErgoPad weightflex compromises on effectiveness or functionality. Quite the opposite: “The x-shaped design inside the core is ideally suited to generate the required stability, in the midfoot area in particular. The heel, on the other hand, has a soft cushion, and in the forefoot area, we have the flexibility we need because the material can be shaped easily. This means: the foot orthosis cushions, protects and guides.

… the foot orthosis is fitted in the preferred shoe.

This combination ensures that the foot is equally loaded during each phase of walking.” In addition, there are the three different densities ‘soft’, ‘medium’ and ‘strong’, which are selected according to the foot arch structure’s degree of insufficiency, the treatment goal and the wearer’s weight.

A customized product for every patient

Ferdinand Weber puts the final touches on the orthotic blank in his workshop.

Before patients are provided with foot orthoses, Stinus technicians first discuss their symptoms and needs. This is complemented with the results from the foot examination and measurement. The foot pressure measurement data is generated using digital plantar barefoot scans, foam imprints and in-shoe measurements. Together with the customer’s preferred shoe type, this eventually results in the relevant foot orthosis product. The top cover for the foot orthoses is also specified in advance. At Stinus, the customer can choose between microfiber and leather. In Stinus’ central production facility in Achern, the ErgoPad weightflex orthotic blanks are then turned into customized one-of-a-kind products.The pair will be ready on the customer’s collection date – this has top priority for Stinus. During this visit, an expert then fits the foot orthoses in the customer’s shoes.After a test phase of a week or two, customers return for a follow-up appointment. “We check the foot orthoses and their functionality and optimize them, if required,” Ferdinand Weber explains. “During this follow-up appointment, we can also check that the customer actually wears the foot orthoses.”At Stinus, supplying the ErgoPad weightflex usually takes four days from initial discussion to fitting the foot orthoses in the customer’s shoes. The customers are very impressed. A lot of them return after receiving their first pair and request more for their other shoes. “This high degree of customer satisfaction is based on the exceptional effectiveness and acceptance of the foot orthoses that alleviate customers’ symptoms and can be used in many shoes,” Ferdinand Weber summarizes. “The ErgoPad weightflex fits perfectly in our service portfolio and really represents our motto ‘helping with custom-made solutions’.”

Images: Udo Schönewald

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