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Orthopedic treatment with Bodytronic 600

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.10.2017

Colorful , modern, digitally oriented – the Q33 Store at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin represents a new generation of medical supply retailers. Since opening in 2014, the OrthoPed branch has used the Bodytronic 600 body scanner and uses it as a matter of course when measuring for compression stockings, as well as for supports and orthoses in certain cases.

Installing Bodytronic 600 in both of his Ortho-Ped branches was “a must” for Volker Cicha.
Installing Bodytronic 600 in both of his Ortho-Ped branches was “a must” for Volker Cicha.

“We want the customer to be actively involved in their healthcare journey. We want them to understand why it is good and important for them to wear a certain product. Bodytronic 600 helps us to achieve this,” explains Volker Cicha, managing director of Ortho-Ped in Berlin. With the digital body scanner, we can measure the legs from the feet right up to the hips. The measurement system is used both in our original store and in the second Ortho-Ped branch, the Q33 Store. “It’s a must-have,” as Volker Cicha says. “It allows us to keep ahead of the competition and position ourselves as a modern medical supply retailer. Equipping the Q33 Store with digital measurement technology from Bauerfeind was an important but also logical decision.”
Bodytronic 600 is primarily used at Ortho-Ped to take measurements for compression stockings and supports for patients with knee and ankle injuries. If it is likely that none of the standard sizes will work for a patient’s leg, the system can also be used to measure the patient for knee orthoses. “This can happen, for example, if someone has very narrow calves compared to their thighs,” explains the managing director. Customers are measured in a contact-free procedure and provided with individual care at the “most exclusive medical supply retailer in Berlin’s Ku’damm” – as the Q33 Store calls itself.

Measured in 60 seconds

Reliably precise values and more time for the consultation: Branch manager Steffi Hartmann (right) measures a knee patient using Bodytronic 600.
Reliably precise values and more time for the consultation: Branch manager Steffi Hartmann (right) measures a knee patient using Bodytronic 600.

The customer stands on a measurement platform that revolves slowly and uniformly to be measured. A digital three-dimensional image is generated using beams of light that are projected onto the body. This 3D model also enables circumferences and lengths to be measured accurately. The ideal size for selected products is shown in a quick-view display. In contrast with compression stockings, patella markers are also set when measuring for supports and orthoses.
Bodytronic 600 automatically records all the relevant dimensions and takes into account a large number of product-specific measuring points for the knee or ankle joint. This saves time during the measurement and creates a data set that can be used for more than one treatment.
“I can measure a customer in 60 seconds. Along with explaining the measuring process, the whole thing takes maybe three minutes. This is of course a huge benefit for older patients who are unable to stand up for long periods. Even the 80-year-old women come to us because they know that we use digital measurement here. But athletes are excited by this technology too,” says Volker Cicha. For the employees at the medical supply retailer, work is now more pleasant and goes more quickly. “We can invest the time that we save in providing a more detailed consultation. It’s a win-win situation,” says Steffi Hartmann, sports scientist and branch manager at the Q33 Store.

Order directly

The measurement data is transmitted via the interface to the Bauerfeind online shop, so that the compression stocking, support , or orthosis can be chosen directly. Then, features such as the color or style can be determined. The system recommends either a standard size or a custom-made solution based on the recorded data. An order can then be placed.
A standard size is recommended for 55% of the support measurements conducted in the Q33 store. If one of these is ordered by 3pm, it can be delivered the next day anywhere in Germany. This is a big plus, says Steffi Hartmann. “Customers always like to get what they need quickly, and with Bauerfeind the desired product is in our store the very next day.”
The size recommendation displays all the relevant dimensions and serves as a guide for the experts at the medical retailer. “Ultimately, we decide what the best treatment option is for the customer,” says Steffi Hartmann. This combination of digital technology and specialist expertise is the key to better quality care.

Bodytronic part of initial training

For supports and orthoses, such as the SecuTec Genu (bottom), patella markers are also set for the measurement (top).
For supports and orthoses, such as the SecuTec Genu, …
 patella markers are also set for the measurement (top).
… patella markers are also set for the measurement (top).

A total of 20 employees from the areas of orthopedics, sports science, and physiotherapy work at Ortho-Ped. “All of our new starters first go through the measurement process with Bodytronic 600 themselves. They are measured and are given a sample to wear. Only someone who understands how the system functions and what medical principles the products are based on can provide quality advice and the perfect treatment solutions,” explains Volker Cicha. “We want to deliver quality to our customers. We achieve this through the accuracy of our measurements – the system always measures with the same high precision. We also make use of Bodytronic 600’s options for documentation.”
Each measurement , product configuration, and provision is saved in a personal area in the online shop and can be used for repeat orders or new treatment options. It is now also possible to use a USB reader1 to enter personal master data from statutory and private health insurance cards into the system. This saves even more time in day-to-day business, helps to reduce input errors, and ensures that documentation is complete. All put together, the data provides a virtually complete picture of the patient’s treatment options. “The system offers valuable support in follow-up treatment , for example when switching from a restrictive orthosis to a support. But customers also like to know which product they bought last time,” explains Volker Cicha. Many of Ortho-Ped’s business processes are digitalized, and Bodytronic 600 integrates into these seamlessly. For the managing director, therefore, it is important to be able to rely on this technology. But if a problem arises at short notice, he uses the Bauerfeind Measurement Technology support service. “I’ve already had a situation where the patient was standing on the platform while I was on the phone with customer service. A solution was found quickly and my patient was satisfied.”

An enhanced experience with digital measuring

The result of a measurement with Bodytronic 600 is not just the measurement data sheet to help choose the right product , but also the graphical visualization. After the measuring process, the customer has the opportunity to look at the 360-degree view of their body on the computer screen. This is an exciting experience for many of them. “Some people come to us specially because they have seen our promotional film on our website or on Facebook. Others discover our digital measurement service by chance and are immediately interested,” says Steffi Hartmann. For example, pregnant women who come in to get measured for stockings enjoy seeing their growing bump on the 3D image. This makes the measurement process a special experience for customers and helps them to better understand and accept their treatment and recommended products. “We then take the customer over to the screen and show them everything. This means that they can really trust what we say. It enables me to explain the benefits of a support or orthosis much better and check that it fits correctly,” says Volker Cicha.
At the Q33 Store, the best possible medical care is the top priority. “But the customer also gets a chance to interact with the process in a positive manner and, rather than being seen as a ‘sick’ patient , they feel more like someone who is simply being health-conscious – that’s our goal.” Patients and physicians alike value this approach, says the managing director. This is also reflected in the low rate of complaints. “We don’t get complaints about products more than once a month. I always attribute this to the excellent fit that we are able to provide. We often hear that our products simply sit better on the body. And this also makes it more likely that customers will come back to us when they need a new product ,” says Volker Cicha. “We want to win customers over with quality and nothing else. That is the only route to long-term success. And with Bodytronic 600 it’s definitely within our grasp.”

Supports and orthoses in Bodytronic 600

1 The USB reader supports the standard German eGK electronic health card and KVK health insurance card.

Images: Thomas Lebie

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