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From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 01.07.2017

Early, carefully controlled mobilization is beneficial during the treatment of shoulder complaints. Muscle-activating supports stabilize the joint and protect it from painful movements.

The shoulder is guided by muscles and is the most mobile joint in the human body. Supports like OmoTrain activate the stabilizing muscles, making them ideal for treating shoulder complaints. Thanks to its special strap guide system, OmoTrain is also able to center the shoulder joint by raising the upper arm slightly and providing it with secure guidance during movement. The strap leaves the chest area free and runs across the collarbone and stomach. The support is used to ease pain in patients with post-traumatic, post-operative and chronic irritation, as well as osteoarthritis. To boost the pain-relieving effect of the compression knit , the support is also equipped with a delta-shaped pad with frictional nubs. This pad can be positioned as required and provides targeted relief for painful areas by massaging the soft tissue. OmoTrain is available in a universal version which can be worn on the right or left shoulder.

Greater freedom of movement

OmoTrain S features a more direct strap guide system than OmoTrain. This gives wearers maximum freedom of movement and makes the support quick and easy to put on. In addition, OmoTrain S stabilizes the shoulder joint thanks to the compressive effect of its knitted fabric, which provides proprioceptive stimulation during movement and activates the muscles.
The Delta pad can optionally be inserted to boost the pain-relieving massage effect. Bauerfeind has created a shoulder treatment prescription aid pad to assist physicians during patient consultations.

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