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Balancing recovery and activity more efficiently

The next-generation ManuTrain

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The ManuTrain with its new knitted fabric and an adjustable strap system has been available since the middle of February. Three activity level options make sure the support can be used to promote the entire recovery process, taking into account the current the discomfort and need for stability. Gripping movements are possible without restrictions to preserve finger mobility. The strap system enhances the stabilizing function provided by the rigid inner hand stay. This noticeably improves wearing comfort and makes everyday life easier for many patients suffering from pain.

Adjustable stabilization

Using compression and limiting the range of wrist motion, the ManuTrain reduces pain in cases of tenosynovitis and osteoarthritis, as well as during post-operative follow-up care. This limitation can be gradually reduced using the adjustable next-generation strap system. The strap system consists of a semi-elastic stabilizing strap and an elastic fascia strap which are wound around the hand and tightened as needed.

Together, they stabilize the wrist when the patient is in severe pain by limiting palmar flexion and ulnar abduction. As soon as the pain subsides and hand mobility training can be started, the stabilizing strap can be removed. Then only the fascia strap is wound around the wrist and tightened to support advancing recovery with additional freedom of movement. The highest activity level with unrestricted wrist mobility is achieved by completely removing the strap system.

Reliable and adjustable to fit the patient’s needs: the stabilizing strap system with Velcro closure. Activity level 1 for severe pain: ManuTrain with stabilization and fascia strap fitted around the hand and wrist. Activity level 2 for moderate pain: ManuTrain with fascia strap around the wrist. Activity level 3 for mild discomfort: ManuTrain without strap system.

Palpable comfort enhancements

The ManuTrain fits perfectly and remains in position during movement, thanks to the highly textured surface of the new Train knitted fabric. A viscoelastic pad protects the outer bony protrusion from pressure peaks. There is no irritating seam between the thumb and index finger. The soft, anatomically contoured thumb opening also ensures the support is comfortable to wear and grip with.

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