Turning rigid into flexible

The new SecuTec Genu Flex hard-frame brace

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin

How do you set a new benchmark for hard-frame braces for the treatment of knee problems? With flexibility during movement. Thanks to its unique Flex-Modules, the new SecuTec Genu Flex adapts to the changing shapes of the thigh and lower leg during movement. This means the brace has an adaptable fit and remains securely in position. This is an innovation in particular for active patients with injuries to the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament, collateral ligaments, menisci, or with complex instabilities.

Customized fit 

The lightweight plastic frame of the SecuTec Genu Flex consists of Flex-Links, also known as Flex-Modules, at the thigh and lower leg. Orthotists can add or remove links to precisely adapt the knee brace to leg circumferences at the beginning of and during treatment. The brace can be adjusted to two lengths each in a proximal and distal direction. Flexion and extension can be restricted independently.

Secure protection during everyday activities

The new SecuTec Genu Flex stabilizes the knee according to the 4-point principle and protects it from harmful incorrect movements. It lies close to the skin and features thin, soft microfiber pads on the inside. Active patients gain greater freedom during treatment with the adaptable fit. This flexible hard-frame brace is now available.

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