The new RhizoLoc OA thumb orthosis

For patients suffering from osteoarthritis with chronic pain

From Bauerfeind Life Magazin on 31.05.2023

The RhizoLoc OA secures the thumb and index finger in a defined position and, with guided grasping movements, helps compensate for strain at the base of the thumb while the carpometacarpal joint and metacarpophalangeal joint are immobilized. This new orthosis is now available.

An active life with osteoarthritis of the first carpometacarpal joint

The RhizoLoc OA immobilizes the carpometacarpal joint and metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb and provides patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the first carpometacarpal joint with relief during everyday activities involving the inferior pincer grasp and the pincer grasp. Thanks to its stabilizing effect, it supports functional treatment measures to achieve pain alleviation and mobilization, and promotes maintaining the ability to work. In addition to chronic symptoms caused by osteoarthritis, this immobilizing thumb orthosis can also be used to reduce strain in cases of arthritis or following injuries and surgery.

A handy design

The new RhizoLoc OA is characterized by its patient-friendly design to encourage constant wearing, as soon as symptoms occur, and to support grasping movements. The narrow plastic brace, which features a reinforced midsection, is lightweight, perforated for air-permeability, and lies comfortably against the hand, thanks to its rounded edges. Two adjustable straps with holes ensure the product can be individually adjusted to fit the palm and wrist circumference.

Patients can put on their RhizoLoc OA with one hand like a wrist watch, and secure the strap via a clip. The thumb strap provides additional support. It is securely tightened below the mobile interphalangeal joint. The strap’s soft Velcro velour is self-engaging and thus ensures that it protects clothing and surfaces. Particularly convenient: the RhizoLoc OA can be wiped and does not need to be removed when under running water.

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