LumboTrain with new 4ActivePad

Innovative pad for the versatile massage of painful areas

From Bauerfeind Life on 17.05.2024

The LumboTrain back support now has a new pad with flexible massage nubs that feature elastic recovery properties. During movement, the 4ActivePad gently massages the lumbar region, exerting a range of effects on painful areas to promote local circulation and loosen tension.

Flexible nubs with elastic recovery properties

The LumboTrain helps patients suffering from back pain by exerting circular compression, thus promoting an improved back posture, and massaging the tissue as soon as the torso muscles are tensed and relaxed. During this process, the viscoelastic pad with several raised nubs targets painful areas in the lumbar region. In the new 4ActivePad, components with different densities have a range of massage effects: the flexible nubs on the outer edge of the pad exert targeted friction during movement. The nubs running parallel to the lumbar spine have elastic recovery properties and, together, form six units that slightly stretch the tissue during movement. The combination of pressure and stretching relaxes the deep back muscles to loosen hardening and myofascial tension.

Proven muscle activation

Micro massages also stimulate proprioceptors in the lumbar region. This feedback helps with improved control of the torso muscles and activates the body’s own stabilization processes. Anders et al. (2019) demonstrated in a randomized, controlled study using the previous model that the mode of action of the LumboTrain’s viscoelastic pad and compression knit verifiably leads to increased activity of the torso muscles and accelerated pain reduction in patients suffering from non-specific lumbar back pain.

Straight and fitted cut

The LumboTrain remains securely in position, thanks to its highly textured, anatomically contoured high-low knitted fabric. To allow for different body shapes, the support is available in two versions: a straight version and a waisted version with a higher leg line. The feathered edges of the abdominal fastening provide a gentle, snug fit and ensure the product is comfortable to wear. Breathable microfiber knit with particularly air-permeable comfort zones results in excellent heat and moisture management.

Service information

The LumboTrain with the new 4ActivePad is available in seven standard sizes covering an abdominal circumference range of 70 to 145 centimeters. New item numbers apply.

Physicians and medical retailers can obtain information from their local Bauerfeind Sales Team or from Bauerfeind’s International Customer Service.

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