Greater knee power with GenuTrain for cases of knee instability

Third study publication from Sole et al.

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Patients with an operated anterior cruciate ligament and long-term functional knee instability can benefit from wearing a compression support. As Sole et al. have demonstrated in the third publication concerning a study carried out at the University of Otago in New Zealand, the GenuTrain has a positive influence on the kinematics and kinetics of the knee joint. When wearing the support, the knee power improved significantly compared to not wearing the support, specifically during the first five percent of the landing phase in the step down-hop test. The latest publication of this secondary analysis occurred online in the open-access specialist journal PLOS ONE. Sole et al. had previously presented initial study results in two additional earlier publications: They measured significant acute improvement for the horizontal jump immediately after first putting on the support. They were also able to demonstrate that GenuTrain has a positive effect on kinematics more precisely, with increased maximum knee flexion angle. After wearing the support at least one hour per day on average over a period of six weeks, the duration of the landing phase in the step down-hop test also improved for that group of participants. The digital white paper for the two earlier study publications can be requested from

More on the study and the significant effects measured in the interview with Prof. Gisela Sole: Surgery is only the first step

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